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New Zealand Relaxes Rules for Industrial Hemp

New Zealand, despite having some of the harshest marijuana laws out there, has become one of the growing number of countries to have relaxed their regulations for growing industrial hemp. Like Canada, it requires a special license.
Hemp, recall, is a non-smokable form of cannabis and can’t get you high. It makes better paper than wood based paper, makes softer longer lasting clothes than cotton and uses far less pesticides than cotton (50% of all pesticides used in the US are on cotton alone), it can make healthier, better tasting foods than soy, it can be used in the making of bio-diesel, it is in short, perhaps the most useful plant in the world.
Sadly, the US doesn’t seem ready to join the rest of the world thanks to extreme lobby efforts from the cotton, wood, oil, pesticide industries and others. So US farmers will have to continue to suffer behind our neighbors to the North and a lot of the rest of the reasonable world so our politicians can get rich from lobby money.