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Intense Debate

Okay, so I have been playing with Intense Debate (ID) for today. Most of the problems I have run into are either problems with compatibility with my theme, or other plugins.
For example, my theme used to put a little gif on the sidebars for list items, however, I had to turn that off for now as when I put up Recent Comments on ID, it had that gif at a bad spot on all of them. So for now, until I figure out how to override the theme’s default on just that small section, this is calling for CSS above my norm, it seems all I need to do is set the script that adds the recent comments inside a div tag and id it with something, then in the theme’s CSS override the li placement of the gif, but none of the stuff I tried works yet, so for now the gif is gone, which honestly is okay, the thing looks fine. Odds are I’ll have to make a separate CSS for it, then let the ID system know where that CSS file is, and have that override the gif placement. More trouble then I want to go through.
Another problem is that it doesn’t work yet with the code highlighter plugin I use…or the plugin doesn’t work with the ID… time will tell on this one, I contacted both ID and the author of the plugin to see where the problem may lie. I suspect the problem may be on IDs end, and that they’ll just have to add a code highlighter themselves. This is fine since there was little code on any comments.
Importing old comments doesn’t seem to work from my old WordPress posts to the new system. I would need it not only to import them, but to keep the names if possible, a sort of self validate process.
The only other problem is that trackbacks doesn’t seem to show up.
Aside from those issues, and of those only the importer not working is of any size so far as I am concerned for the moment. It is a very good system and I recommend everyone upgrade to it. Of course we’ll see how it handles Spam and if they use Askimet or something like that.

New Comment System May be Comming

I saw All Climbing added a new comment system, I may add that system myself if it works with the iG:Syntax Hiliter plugin that I use. It looks like this will allow for a nicer looking comment section, with a greater range of power for not only myself as the blog, but for you as the user. I may add it, then test it out.

EDIT: I installed the Intense Debate system

The code in the test comment below should look like this, but it seems not to be working with the code highlighter in comments.
[csharp] public static bool PM
return pm;
pm = value;

Notice in the comments, not only does it show the chsarp brackets and strips the spacing out as well.