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Dole Slanders her Opponent With Outright Lie of Godlessness

Has it really come to this? Sen. Elizabeth Dole is falsely accusing her opponent Kay Hagan in ads and on the campaign trail of being “godless” because the race is too tight. At one point in her ad she shows a picture of Hagan while somebody else does a voice over saying “There is no God.” Leaving views under the impression she said it. Of course, even if she was godless, who cares? We aren’t electing a pastor, but a Senator in that case. As we know, this country wasn’t founded under Christian principles anyhow. The fact is however, Hagan is a Christian and former Sunday School teacher. The ad is simply a pathetic attempt by Dole to scare voters away with an outright lie simply because she might loose the election. How good of a so-called Christian slandering another Christian of being godless just to win an election. CNN’s Campbell Brown gives the details: