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Adding Davis, California to the Potential Moving List

Sara is not convinced yet, not convinced of California at all really, but I am adding Davis to the potential places to move list. I am not sure yet where it is on the list, but for review:

  • Davis
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Greater Phoenix area… though I far prefer Prescott, which is a bit out of the Phoenix area, but much, much cooler, but still with plenty of sun
  • Baltimore/Washington/Alexandria area
  • Many other areas that I am forgetting because I am tired

Davis achieves a few goals: Warmer than here without it being Phoenix hot, and a good deal of sunshine. The UC Davis has a huge agriculture program, and Sara would like to go back to school especially an agriculture type program. Davis is Leftist-Liberal, which isn’t either of our deals, but beats the heck out of the Neo-Conservative of lots of other areas, especially here. Speaking of which, it isn’t Canton. It is close to Sacramento and San Francisco is only an hour and a half away. The Cost of Living is a more difficult thing to calculate. Most cost of living calculators seem to suggest it would be cheaper in Phoenix, but the salaries in the Sacramento area are noticeably higher resulting in a smaller loss of disposable income in comparison. Lots and lots of bikes in Davis.
In the end who knows where we’ll end up.

Congratulations Obama

Congratulations to Obama. I’ll admit, I voted for Obama over Barr, partly because I feared a McCain win, but mostly because, regardless if you believe in in policies or not, he does inspire people to action, and I think that is what is needed at the moment. People need to get involved with their country again. Would it have been nicer to have Barr? Yes, but I’ll gladly take Obama over McCain continuing the Bush legacy.
I’ll cover more about the election perhaps after work tomorrow (well, I guess technically today from my clock). Some measures around the country went well, up to one ounce of marijuana was decriminalized in one state, medical marijuana passed another state, it looks like voters in Colorado voted against defining life from the moment of fertilization (as pro life as I am, an amendment to that end causes problems). Meanwhile some other measures are not looking so good, California’s Proposition 8 looks like it might pass, meaning a ban on same sex marriage (I’ve waxed on about legislating morality enough, I’ll skip it for now). At least California passed Prop 2, which forces farmers to give their animals room enough to turn around (egg laying hens, veal caffs and pregnant sows), so perhaps California does have some heart… then again it looks like they’ll say no to Prop 5, which would have provided treatment programs for non-violent drug offenders over incarceration (which results in huge savings, you can treat tons of people for the cost of sending one person to jail).
Anyhow, I’ll see how things are tomorrow. Right now it’s 1:30 am and I have to be at work at 9, so I am off to bed.