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Another Example of How Messed up Our Health Care System is

Just another quick example of how messed up our health care system is. Bush started negotiations with New Zealand…
Now New Zealand, like every other first world “westernized” country has universal health care. Every New Zealand citizen is covered. Also included in that coverage is prescriptions. The government of New Zealand negotiates with the drug companies to get a cheap price on prescriptions. A fair chunk of this price is paid by the government, the citizen then pays a small percentage of that. Basically it is like a prescription plan we may have here, but cheaper, and subsidized by the government instead of an insurance company. If you want to eliminate wait times and other stuff that comes with the universal system, you can buy supplemental private insurance from for profit companies, as I noted before that would be about $80 NZD a month ($55 USD).
Anyhow, one of the main issues the administration had was that the government of New Zealand was subsidizing prescriptions for their citizens and negotiating such cheap rates. They wanted them to not to negotiate such low prices so that American pharmaceutical companies could make more profit. It was Bush’s view then that it is better to see New Zealand citizens suffer and pay more to protect US profits. And I think this helps point out one of the many problems we have here. The fact that too many people care about profits and not enough about sick people.

Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Obama, standing in front of the Constitution of the United States, rightfully attacked Bush for his policies regrading detainees. Bush and Cheney and all the others should be prosecuted for war crimes. No doubt they overstep the rule of law, no doubt they tortured, or at least ordered the torture of detainees. Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t had the courage to order a full commission into those war crimes. During this speech, in front of the Constitution, Obama laid out a new plan. A plan that includes putting people in jail because they might commit a crime. It is, as the video below points out, something out of Minority Report (good movie by the way).
Here is Rachel Maddow, one of the more liberal reporters out there, on the most liberal media outlet out there, attacking Obama for it:

Of course this is what separates the liberal media from the conservative media. Hanity, Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and their ilk would just as well such Bush’ and Chaney’s dicks before admitting that they were wrong on Iraq and torture. Continue reading Obama Attacks Bush While Announcing a Bush Like Program, Liberal Media Attacks Him

Idiot Republicans

[Edited 28 October to add about rich cheating on their taxes more, and to remove a few commas and apostrophe s’s, which for some reason I did on nearly every occasion where it should have been just an s.]
We’re back online and I am finally able to post political stuff.
I saw Ruben Navarrette Jr’s Commentary: Liberals let loose on Palin and Joe the Plumber and it just amazes me how much an idiot the Republicans are being… and I am finding it harder and harder to believe that I used to be a devout Republican myself.
At one point Naverrette says, ” I also thought the Democratic Party was supposed to go to bat for the little guy, the everyday Joe the Plumber.
Tell that to Joe Wurzelbacher, the Ohio resident who got his 15 minutes — and 40 lashes — because he dared question Obama about his tax plan.”
First off, Joe the Plumber would have been a non-story if it wasn’t for McCain bringing him up at the debate. The media wouldn’t be hounding him and finding all kinds of things about him if McCain didn’t make an issue of Joe himself. So his so called 40 lashes, the media camping out on his door step isn’t Obama’s fault as McCain and Naverrette would have you believe, but McCain’s fault… and he didn’t dare ask Obama, he asked, and Obama answered at length. Next, if we went by Joe’s original claim, he wasn’t any “everyday Joe the Plumber.” Very few people, even plumbers, make $250,000 a year. People who think that those making $250,000 are everyday people are living in a world that doesn’t represent the true state of affairs in the US. No wonder why they think the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Continue reading Idiot Republicans

Proof Bush is a Communist and Doesn’t Believe in Free Markets

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef in Kansas wanted to start testing all its meat for Mad Cow disease (currently only 1% of our meat is tested for the incurable disease that lays waste to the human brain), but the Bush administration stopped them because larger meat packing firms feared that if Creekstone Farms Premium Beef succeeded in getting better sales because they were advertising they were testing all their meat, then they would have to follow suit and start doing expensive tests themselves… in other words the meat packing industry feared the open market and asked the Bush administration. (Story.)
Since McCain is a twin of Bush, I would expect more of the same from him.
US beef (and a range of other meat) is already banned in many countries outside the US (even China refuses to let our meat in), I think this will just solidify their ban. (The EEC bans US beef do to the hormone treatments most US meat growers give their cows to speed the growth process.) I guess we can chalk up another reason to move to New Zealand as fast as possible, safer food.
Anyhow, I find it amazing that the Bush administration would actually take steps to block the free market from allowing proven safer beef from reaching the market, especially when the company was going to pay for it itself.

The Trouble with Offshore Drilling in America

Some polls suggest up to 73% of American’s support offshore drilling to help decrease our dependence on foreign oil.There are just so many problems it hard to know where to start… so I’ll just make a little list in no particular order.
Before I go on, I should point out that I don’t necessarily oppose offshore drilling, but I think the reasoning is misdirected and relies on American’s ignorance of markets and other issues.
Continue reading The Trouble with Offshore Drilling in America

Damn them All to Hell, FISA Ammendments Pass

There were a few who voted against it strongly, Clinton, surprisingly among them, Ron Paul would have had he been able to be there (they added it to the calendar at the last minute and he had another appointment), Kucinich did also. Unfortunately, Obama did vote for it, and I may reconsider my vote for him just on this issue alone. Unfortunately I don’t feel I can vote for Bob Barr (Libertarian candidate) since he has conveniently flipped his positions before joining the Libertarian party to be more in line with them (he was one of the leaders of the Drug War, voted for the Iraq war, one of the leaders of the Defense of Marriage Act, voted for the Patriot Act… all of which he has come out publicly apologized for of came out against, too little too late I say, and I haven’t heard anything about him taking back his position to have the Pentagon bar the practice of Wicca in the military, and after all religious freedom is one of the main things that caused people to come here for and why the Constitution protects it).
What is important to note is that FISA itself worked fine, and WASN’T going to expire. The only thing this was for, essentially was to provide retroactive protection for the telcos (which technically violates the Constitution and I am sure we’ll see it challenged on that grounds very soon), and to expand the reasons they can now wiretap you without a warrant. Among the reasons they can wiretap you without a warrant is if they suspect you are trading files on the Internet.
I am just appalled at how many people still believe the Bush administration’s lies… Meanwhile I read a headline that Obama is trying to overcome the image that some Christians have that he matches the Bible’s description of the Anti-Christ, which is beyond odd since Bush matches it exactly. Bush is the one pushing to force people to be implanted with RFIDs, which Christians say is the Mark of the Beast.

As if the World Needed Proof that Bush is Evil

I saw this the other day, but I’ll just make a quick comment. Bush is going to veto a bill that would ban waterboarding, because torture, he says, is essential the security of the United States. The bill would limit the CIA to the same interrogation techniques the Army is, which itself somehow didn’t get limited until 2006.
I wonder how many Christians still support Bush? If any do, then wake up! He is absolute evil, he isn’t what he claimed, his actions such as this prove it. No Christian, let alone any reasonable human, could condone torture. And don’t believe the lies about it being essential to security. Even after 9/11 you are more likely to die from a mentor strike than from a terrorist attack on US soil. If you want to improve security, get out of the Middle East, get out of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, those two factors alone are the number one recruitment tools of Al-Quida. If we pulled out of the Middle East and adjusted our Foreign Policy a tad, we would virtually end the risk to ourselves.
I’ll question the integrity of any members of Congress who don’t vote to override the veto of this bill.
Okay, I’ll try to stay off politics at least for the rest of the day and move the blog back to updates about our personal lives.

Some Great Ron Paul Stuff Including Ron Paul Wins New York

Some great stuff I saw over at the Daily Paul.
CNN talking about Ron Paul’s amazing amount of money earned, and they talk about how Paul got 4695 mentions on TV News outlets compared to McCains’ 95,005 from August 2006 to August 2007.
Ron Paul on MSNBCs Tucker Carlson show talking about the money bomb as well (Tucker is big Ron Paul supporter, supported him the last time he ran):

There is a bit on Ron Paul and why he seems to do so poorly on the polls. Basically the problem is whom the pollsters consider likely Republican voters, those who were crazy enough to vote for Bush last election, no Libertarians, independents or 3rd party supporters which makes up a huge chunk of his base, not to mention lots of his supporters may not have land line phones to be reached.

The first New York Straw Poll was held, and Ron Paul won against Giuliani. Giuliani’s own city, and Ron Paul bests him.

Ron Paul – 26 votes
Rudy Giuliani – 21 votes
Mitt Romney – 6 votes
John McCain – 4 botes
Mike Huckabee – 2 votes
Duncan Hunter – 1 vote
Tom Tancredo – 0 votes

Of course the question becomes why so few people in New York bothered with this Straw Poll when small state and city polls do so much better. Regardless, Ron Paul won out, in New York City of all places. Also, this seems to have been the Young Republicans, which would be more Ron Paul’s audience. However, straw polls probably are a better indicator of actual voting than the phone polls that the media quotes all the time since you actually have to go to them and take action, sometimes pay… Okay, somebody may try to point out the Ron Paul lost in Texas, but Texas did everything they could to stop Ron Paul supporters from being able to vote, directly baring some of them at the door, and he still placed third, had they Texas GOP not taken those actions Ron Paul would have won overwhelmingly.
Fox News and the others who keep accusing Ron Paul supporters of being just a small group of spammers is going to have a hard time explaining how he does so well in the primaries.