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If it Were to be Australia Instead of New Zealand

If I were to move to Australia instead of New Zealand, since I have always loved Koala’s and Kangaroo’s (but if there is one thing that I learned from the Crocodile Hunter, it is that nearly every deadliest creature in the world lives in Australia so that part isn’t cool). Anyhow big city order there would be: Melbourne, Sydney, and perhaps Brisbane. I would actually probably try to find a smaller city or town in those areas, but don’t feel like looking it up now. However, my heart still belongs to New Zealand, and of course to Nelson, New Zealand in particular. Heck, I would probably go to Auckland (not on my list of New Zealand cities to move to now) before considering the Melbourne area, then perhaps Melbourne then other New Zealand locations mixed in with some Australia locations…
For those wanting us to stay here… Phoenix area, then Vancouver, then somewhere between Portland and Seattle, then the Baltimore to DC area, Austin, Columbus then here… something like that list anyhow. 😉