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Ari pics online

That’s right, I got a bunch of new Ari pics online. Merry Christmas early. These are much smaller, more manageable images then the ones from before.
Now, it’s 3 am and I have done my duty to everyone by getting pics online, I am going to bed… should have been in bed hours ago.

Everyone is sick

I normally would have school this morning, but Sara and Ari was so sick, I picked Ari up for her as she didn’t feel well enough to take care of him. Turns out, what I thought was just a chest cold is something far worse as I spent the whole night puking myself. Ari slept all day and night. He doesn’t seem to have a fever, so we haven’t rushed him to his doctor’s office yet… not that any of us would be able to drive, I barely made it home on time myself.
It is odd that I would be sick so soon. I normally am one of the last to get the flu or something, and even then it normally doesn’t hit me as hard as it does others. I can recall only a couple other times where I got it early, and it is normally followed by a fever that is no fun. Sara is running a temperature, or was when I picked up Ari last night. I seem not to have a fever at the moment, just feel weak and shaky and afraid to really eat or drink anything at the moment, but I must get something in my stomach to avoid further unplesentry.
It worries me that Ari has been sick a week now…

Ari’s been sick

Sorry for the long time since my last update.
Ari was with Sara Thanksgiving weekend in Findley with some friends of hers. Their boy, about a year old now, was sick, and it was with him that Ari spent one of the nights with and played with (a story in of itself). Ari came home and seemed fine. However a while later he started having a runny nose, and still had it as of the 4th when I had him. I was going to run camera that night, but since he was sick, I couldn’t check him into the nursery, so I had to keep him with me. So he had fun in the Parents’ Room with me since I would have been third camera and they could work with just two.
He is a bit fussy at times when his teeth seem to hurt as more teeth are coming in, otherwise he is his usual self.
He’s crawling full speed and took a small tumble the other day, but nothing major yet. He is cruising a little, and occasionally that results in him tripping, but after a small bit of crying, he gets back up and goes at it again.
He’s doing more and more solid foods. He doesn’t seem to like sweets much, which I guess is a good thing. At the moment, we still have him on level 2 foods, but we’ll probably push that up soon.
The only bad thing is that he tends to stay up until 1 in the morning, and as he’s in the room with Sara, she doesn’t get much sleep. Thankfully he sleeps until nearly 11 in the afternoon, though sometimes he gets up a bit earlier.

Ari’s days with dad

Ari spent Tuesday and Wednesday here. Not as much of Tuesday as would be normal since I worked Monday night, Tuesday morning until 5 a.m. However, I picked him up then and then we came home and went to sleep, and played when we got up.
I got him that Superyard XT that I talked about before. He isn’t super happy with it, but I can’t let him just crawl all over all the time. I think he likes it better then a playpen (or play yard as they call them now for whatever reason).

Ari’s crib

I dropped the height on Ari’s crib the other day just in time, as that morning I woke to find him standing in it. Had we not dropped it down, he would surly have tumbled right out.
I tried to get a Superyard XT the other day while at the store, but didn’t have room to make it fit in my car… I’ll need to borrow either Sara’s parents truck, my parent’s truck, or one of the church’s trucks to get it home. The really nice thing about it is that it encloses a large amount of space that he can crawl in without having to worry too much about him. I still need a couple of gates, I was thinking of the All Clear Swing Gate as it can be pressure mounted or hardware mounted and has good ratings. One would go on his room, the other at the bottom of the stairs. I debate if I need one at the top of the stairs if I have one on the door to his room or not… I probably should actually get one more to stop him from getting into the kitchen and then some kind of similar gate to cover the dinning room entrance from the living room, but that is five feet or so, making the gates that can do it a bit harder to compare… though if I get that Superyard XT I probably don’t need to worry so much about the kitchen and dinning room. I worry about the dinning room as the computer and all it’s wires are there.
Saturday Ari went to the church nursery and was good and happy the whole time. It was the first time he really has been exposed to other kids, and perhaps a bit overdue. While we of course don’t want him to get sick, he needs exposure to the germs to build his immune system up.
Tomorrow is Ari and dad’s day out together. I am not sure yet exactly what we’ll do.

And if I stand…

We would nearly need to update every day to keep up with the changes.
Yesterday, Ari pulled himself up to his feet, and managed to cruise some. Lucky for him, I was right there when he ran out of cruising space and caught him before he hit the ground. He started to cry, but decided that it was okay.
Just a couple days before that he learned to pull himself up to his knees.
He still has his front four teeth, but is cutting in two more top teeth, making him more irritable… which probably makes him nearly a regular baby with how calm he is normally.
I’ll try and get more pictures posted soon. We have some of him in his giraffe costume, some of him on his knees, and some of him standing.

DaDa and cough

Ari clearly says dada now, and while Sara is convinced he says it to ask where I am if I am not here, I think it is just another word to him at the moment.
He doesn’t crawl yet, but still drags himself. This doesn’t prevent Ari from climbing over a pile of clothes setup to be a barrier to him.
Ari has on a couple occasions pulled himself up onto his knees, and if you set him up on his feet, he’ll hold himself up against something.
He has taken up to coughing to get attention. He has apparently discovered that if he coughs, it brings momma and dada over quickly… or it used to. We have now learned to tell the difference between a real cough that sounds like him choking, and his new fake cough. It’s kind of cute in a way, as when he does it and you look over at him, he’ll be smiling as he does it, as if he’s saying “cough, cough, are you going to come over?”
While in his playpen, he’ll press his face against the mesh and make funny faces, it sends Sara and I laughing hysterically at times.

Ari goes forward.

Ari discovered forward motion yesterday. Patent Pending. It is a sort of wounded man’s crawl, dragging his rear legs, and using his whole forearm on one side and just a hand on the other. Baby proofing shall insue.
Ari has four teeth in so far, just the front four.

Ari pictures

Click one of the pictures of Ari below and you’ll go to a thumbnail gallery. There you can click the thumbnail to see the rather large picture (350 KB to over 600 KB, so don’t click them unless you have the bandwidth to view them). In the future, today’s thumbnail size will be the large picture, with the thumbnails even smaller…
Ari's first teeth - link to thumbnail gallery

Ari, all wrapped up - link to thumbnail gallery

Ari Update

I forgot… the reason I started the blogging program last night was not to talk about Arnold’s speech (admittedly the only speech of the two conventions that I’ll probably see or care to see… heck, had I not ran across it, I probably wouldn’t have watched it at all) or the water softener, though I was going to mention the hopeful move to WordPress. The reason I started the blogger was to give an Ari update.
Ari is cutting teeth. We can make two in his lower jaw at the moment, and I thought I felt one in the upper as well. Ari does not seem as happy with this as we are, I wonder why? 😉
He doesn’t sleep much during the day anymore, which is a bad timing development, but we can deal with it. His naps seem to be 15 minutes and then he’s up again. He is wanting attention more, perhaps due to his teeth coming in, again, bad a bad timing development.
He’ll hold a bottle himself and finish off 8 oz with us needed to catch the bottle, or put it back in his mouth a time or two. Generally he’ll do it all on his own.
The only spot of small concern we have so far with him is that he hasn’t really started with any consonants. I don’t expect him to say Yggdrasil (heck, I don’t know how to pronounce it properly, but it’s a fun read and I got lost for over half an hour just reading different links further and further), but how about a dada. 😉 Today however he seems to be tossing out stuff that isn’t a vowel, but not a consonant either… just odd sounds, so he may be getting there.
Last time he was weighed, I believe he was 16 lbs, 10 oz. So he’s probably over 17 lbs now.
Remember, friends and family, if you want photos, just let me know. I know I need to get the photo updates online for those who have the original version of the CD… Someday…

Ari update, Ari eats more solids

Ari had broccoli today. He apparently liked it well enough. Sara had made the broccoli and froze it in the ice cube trays, so one ice cube of broccoli is a serving. He has also given himself a hickey on his wrist. He puts one hand on his head, the other near his mouth and must suck on his wrist while it is there.

Crib bumper time & not getting stuff done

Guess its time to get a crib bumper. We just found Ari asleep with a leg dangling out from between two rungs of the crib.
I went to the Podiatrist for the first time today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had to have the corners of my big toes dug out though. Next week I will have to have a little procedure to cut out the corners of toe nails down to the nail bed. I guess we’ll see how that goes. It sounds a little scary to me.
Other than that we didn’t get a whole lot done today.
I have some things to do but I’m avoiding getting any work done. Hehe. Oh well, I guess I’d better get on the ball. When I’m working and going to school I’ll need all the extra time I can find, and I don’t want to waste it. I might as well get as much done now as possible. Still don’t know if I got that job yet. Hope so.

Ari Update

Today’s Ari update is brought to you by roll overs, when you want to go from your back to your stomach, roll over. Yes, Ari figured out how to roll from his back to his belly. When I came home one day from work, I found him in his crib on his stomach. Later, when we put him down on the floor, we found him on his belly, just looking around, and when we put him in his crib he kept rolling over. The bad thing now is that he tends to get an arm stuck under him when he rolls to his stomach., so he can’t roll back and gets frustrated. As Sara noted, if we sit him up in the middle of the floor, he’ll sit there himself for some time. Everyone comments on how nice and big his eyes are, and how attentive he seems to be. He’s fairly content, and generally lets anyone hold him. He has started sticking his tongue out a lot, but hasn’t started with the raspberries yet.