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I forgot to update on what they decided Ari had, salmonella, and the fact that he came home Tuesday. The salmonella probably came from the Iguana, even though we never handle him like we should, we handle his water dish, which is probably contaminated and the cross contamination happened from there. Everyone is much better now, though Ari really didn’t care for his experience at all. They had a real hard time putting the IV in and stuck him 4 or 5 times for the first one, then 4 or so times when they had to redo it. They were about to put a third one in (his veins would blow, so they would have to redo it), had cleaned him up and was just about to stick him when a nurse ran in and said the doctor called to say forget the IV. At that point the IV wasn’t to rehydrate him so much as to get some antibiotics into him as one of his blood samples showed bacteria in it. They decided later that the bacteria was a cross contamination from his skin and wasn’t in the blood (none of the other blood samples before or since that sample had bacteria, plus the type of bacteria made them decide it was just normal skin bacteria).

To the Emergency Room

I wrote earlier how we all had some stomach flu. Well about 10 PM last night I took Ari to the emergency room. He had slept all day, wouldn’t drink anything and his diarrhea was pure water, not to mention a fever of 103 or something like that. Amazingly we got into the room real quick, and even got an initial response real quick. I guess we got lucky and got there before the rush.
Around 5 AM they sent him up to the pediatric wing, which is where he is now. I am home to finally get some sleep as I obviously didn’t get to sleep the whole time in the emergency room and didn’t really start sleeping until after all the questions were done. With hourly checkups I didn’t sleep well during the day and finally got up around 7 AM, ordered Ari and I breakfast. Ari didn’t really eat any, and continues to not really drink anything. Combined with a few other factors, he may have to stay another night.
It isn’t the roto (sp?) virus this time, just some other virus going around.
Anyhow, I am off to get some sleep then head back to the hospital.

Ari Pictures Uploaded

I uploaded more pictures of Ari, and pictures by Ari… Just click one of the pictures in the sidebar, then click “brian_a_thomas’ photostream” for all the pictures, or “Pictures of Ari” to limit it to just pictures of Ari and by Ari. Sorry for the long delay… These ones are mostly Christmas pictures, though a few are from other things such as Thanksgiving and the like…

Ari’s Christmas

I have already detailed a few of the things Ari got, here are a few more:
Boggle Jr.. I recommend this game. Even with Ari not yet being 3, he can play so long as it is somewhat guided. Say we put the word Sun in the holder. We point to each letter and spell and sound it out. Then have him find the letter that matches. We’ll say “Find the letter S” while pointing to the S on the card. We normally will have the correct letters flipped up on the dice, but mixed in with the other letters. He’ll pick it up and go “The letter S!” and put it into the correct space.
Sesame Street Chutes & Ladders. Our version differs from the linked one in that it is in a nice tin. I am not sure Ari is fully ready for that one yet, but he has fun playing it anyhow. Hard to get him to play it properly yet as he goes where he wants and when he wants.
A Kid N’Nex set called Undersea Pals (I can’t find that one on Amazon)

Ari Loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Other Trains

I mentioned in the Christmas list post, that Ari loves Thomas the Tank Engine.
The other day we went to a local shop in North Canton, called Toys and Trains. There they had a Thomas the Tank Engine Table top (basically a piece of plywood with a landscape painted onto it and placed in a Thomas themed table) and a wooden track train set. Beyond Thomas the Tank Engine, there are a few other compatible systems (and a few Thomas systems, such as the Blue Track, that isn’t compatible) that also work with the wooden track system. Anyhow, Ari loved his time playing with it, and clearly would easily spend a great deal of time with it. On the rare occasions we watch the show, Ari loves it, but as it requires us to go to PBS Sprout On Demand, we don’t watch it too much. The other day on the Disney channel they were showing The Polar Express and Ari watched it a couple times through and ask all the time “Where’s the choo choo train?” If the people were in the train I would tell him they were in the train, but he didn’t seem to believe me, as he would say “No, their not in the train, their in the living room” or something like that before asking again where the train was. I have to say, while the story of the movie was serviceable, I didn’t care for the animation. Something seemed horribly off, no other way to describe it. Search the Internet for the trailer and you’ll see what I mean. I think it is partly that the face doesn’t move as expected when they talk, and since they went for a more realistic style of animation, I think perhaps that is it, I can’t tell for sure.
Meanwhile I also saw one of my programming teachers at the school the other day at the train store. His name escapes me right now unfortunately. He told the owner, manager, or whomever she was, that I was one of the best he had. I felt kind of proud.

Ari’s Play Tent

We went to Toys-R-Us the other day and got Ari his Christmas present. We got the Neon Hide-Me Tent & Tunnel Combination. There are a few cool things that can be added to it, such as more tunnels (follow the link and click on the link for Pacific Play Tents) and the like. I thought I saw on one of the boxes for the tunnels, a tent that was a basically a ball pit for kids to play in.
The Hide Me tent is smaller than the Neon Find Me Tent and Tunnel Combo that we were also looking at, but now that it is up, it is a good thing we went with it as it is still fairly large in our house. 🙂

Later today, I plan on going to find something for Sara…

Ari’s Favorite Show

Since I am talking about new TV shows, Ari’s favorite new show, and it would seem favorite show of the moment is Upside Down Show. It is an odd kind of show, with brothers David and Shane who have their viewers use their imaginary remote control to help them with stuff… Okay, bad explanation… just go to the website and check a clip or few out and you’ll see what I mean.
He also likes Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues. Although Blue’s Clues seems to be falling into the same category as Dora, shows he still likes a lot, but isn’t as into.
His favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland. He’ll watch some other animated movies, but he loves Alice.

Ari Goes Trick-or-Treating

I, sadly, was at work while Ari went trick-or-treating for the first time. Word is that he enjoyed it. He said “thank you” to most everyone but didn’t say “trick-or-treat.” Sara asked him if he wanted to go home along the way and Ari was “no. More candy!” Once he got home (well, to his grandparents house, who’s neighborhood he did it at), he grabbed his Dora chair, sat down and started going through his little pumpkin to see what he had. Sara sat down and helped him where he ate more candy then we would care for him to have. So, he made it 2 1/2 years before having any candy, and loves it. It will probably be another year before he really has any again. Anyhow, he apparently had a really good time… oh and his costume was a ladybug that Sara picked up at Goodwill. Sara’s mom drew a mustache on him to make it a little more masculine.

Ari Makes a Podcast

Ari makes an appearance on this Vegan Freak podcast. Skip to about 93:45 where they wrap up talking about a caller that was commenting on one of Sara’s calls (actually a few bits in this podcast relate to one of Sara’s calls, she has been on a few times). About 49:15 into it they start to say they will play Sara’s call which starts at 49:20. Listen for Ari to say “Not Vegan!” in some weird voice he adopted for saying that phrase. Why he uses that voice for it we don’t know, but it’s cute.

Ari at the Zoo

Tuesday, Sara was going to go to Niagara Falls with a friend, her daughter and Ari. (Well her original plan was to see the Dali Lama, and while her name was drawn for second chance tickets, she was unable to go pick them up in person a week before the event, so there went that idea.) I told Sara over the weekend that if they couldn’t go together, I would see if I could take Tuesday off to take them. Ari loved the waterfall at the garden exhibit, so he might have had some enjoyment at the Falls. Well, something happened and I ended up having to take a personal day.
Unfortunately, things were not planned well enough, so that when we finally got on the road, it was a bit late and neither of us really felt like driving all the way to the Falls. In the end this was a good thing, but more on that later. So we decided to go the Cleveland Zoo, figuring Ari would have a really good time seeing all the animals.
Ari did enjoy the animals, but I think he enjoyed seeing the waterfalls there more. I think his favorite part was the lights in the wood posts just below eye level for him. Next time I guess we’ll do COSI, which he probably would enjoy. (First we might do the science like museum at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, although Ari is too young for the planetarium). In hindsight, he probably would have enjoyed the Falls just as much.
By the time we got home however, I had a bad migraine. It was probably just as well that I wasn’t at work, since I would have left early anyhow, making it harder them to plan around it if at all. The florescent lights probably would have made the migraine worse.
We took some pictures, but not too many. I’ll post them online soonish.
It was an okay visit, but they closed at 5PM that day, which meant it was an overly short visit for a big zoo like that. The Rain forest section itself would have taken an hour or more to see properly, as it was we rushed through it, and didn’t hit a few major sections of the zoo itself. If we had an extra two hours or so it probably would have worked out well, except of course I would have been in major pain at the end of the visit and Sara would have been driving us home.

Ari Goes to the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

After the obligatory heavy post prior to this one today, we move on to much lighter fair.
I took Ari to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens to see the “Butterflies in Flight,” and “Trains Across the Valley” exhibits yesterday. He really enjoyed both, but I think he enjoyed the trains far more. I am trying to decide what pictures to upload, but you’ll see them to the side when they are up. It is well worth the trip to see if you have a chance. They say the butterflies fly until October 8th. When the pictures are up, keep in mind I have a fairly cheep digital camera, so they may not be great quality, but they do more then well enough.

Meet Quincy

This is Ari’s new pet Green Iguana, Quincy.
Meet Quincy
We chose Quincy as it was a nice unisex(ish) name. If it turns out to be a girl, we’ll just shorten it to Quinn.

I got rid of the mice the other day by abandoning them at a local abandoned house (somehow no condemned notice is on it, although it probably is). The mice were wild mice that Sara caught after their mother was killed in a mouse trap. We went to the pet store, initially just to look, and I put my foot down on no snakes, but the Iguana was fine. (We all agreed “nothing with more then four legs.”)
The bad thing is that we’ll have to put together a habitat together for him soon. This isn’t a hard thing, I could easily do it, just a matter of getting all the wood and other supplies for it.
Our first stop that day was the animal shelter. All the dogs barking scared Ari. He didn’t cry, but as I was holding him I could feel him shaking. He was fine when we were away from all the barking dogs. We hit the local PetSmart, where I saw one of the few dogs I would take. One of the local Greyhound adoption agencies was on hand showing a few of their Greyhounds they had for adoption. Unfortunately they were just leaving. We then went to a locally owned pet store, that mostly specializes in fish, and this is where we got Quincy.
We still need to get another heat lamp as it is a few degrees short of ideal even with his basking light on.

The Brian Factor

Ari sometimes calls me Brian rather than dad. It reminds me of a girl I knew who called her dad by his name… Needless to say, I generally will ignore him until he calls me dad, or after a few million times of it, will tell him “Ari, I am dad,” where he normally switches to dad or daddy. Odd.
He has also taken to going to bed fairly late, after 10 PM, sometimes nearly 11 PM. He still gets up at 8 AM…
His imagination still seems to be very big. Just today he was pushing his golf cart around and making a sound. After awhile I noticed that before he starts the sound, he puts his hands at the side and pulls them up to start the sound. It was then I noticed he was mowing the grass (carpet).

Potty Training and Other Ari Updates

For two days, Ari went around the house, without a diaper most of the time so he could go potty when he wanted to. This went fairly well, with few accidents. On the Fourth we went to my mom’s, and there he had pants on and told us when he wanted to go. While there he had to sit on the big potty, and has since refused to sit on his little potty, so we have to take him upstairs to the restroom when he wants to go. He has a stool he gets onto the toilet, then holds himself in place as he goes, then he gets off and flushes. Often he’ll get back on and do it all over again right away. Last night he got got up needing to use the bathroom, so we had to get up and let him into the restroom and let him go. He is using pull ups, which he can take off easy enough, but he hasn’t mastered putting them back on.
Meanwhile, Ari is counting to 5 or 6 fairly well, and can somewhat go to 10 even. He clearly recognizes the number 10.
He is grasping more and more concepts from TV and books, with a vivid imagination. If he sees food in a book, he’ll pretend to eat it. If he sees tissues, he’ll pretend to grab some and blow his nose. He saw a slide in a book the other day, sat on the book and went “wee” as he pretended to slide down the slide.
Sara gave him another hair cut, I’ll get pictures and post them soon.

Ari is Back Home and Other Ari Updates

Ari is back home after spending the week at Sara’s parent’s house. With Sara gone, I would have had to take Ari out there each day and pick him up each night as he slept. It was decided it would be best to leave him alone most nights and for me just to visit him each day before I went to work. I saw him each day for an hour or more before going to work each weekday except the day the air conditioning was being fixed. That day I ended up taking a nap, which worked out fine since they took Ari to Youngstown to see family and wasn’t home anyhow.
He is getting better with colors and counting. He can count to 3 with no problems (I think he understand to 5 fairly well, but forgets the words to use). He can somewhat sing the ABCs, and is speaking in fairly good sentiences, though many of his words are still hard to understand. He seems mostly right handed, but he was shooting his water gun the other day with his left hand. He knows big and little…
Things to be worked on. His fear of water. It’s an odd fear. He likes bath time and splashing around, but has a fear of laying in the water. His pronouncation of words seems off from where they should be at his age, some of this may be stubbornness and just wanting to stick with the words he has used.