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Some Great Ron Paul Stuff Including Ron Paul Wins New York

Some great stuff I saw over at the Daily Paul.
CNN talking about Ron Paul’s amazing amount of money earned, and they talk about how Paul got 4695 mentions on TV News outlets compared to McCains’ 95,005 from August 2006 to August 2007.
Ron Paul on MSNBCs Tucker Carlson show talking about the money bomb as well (Tucker is big Ron Paul supporter, supported him the last time he ran):

There is a bit on Ron Paul and why he seems to do so poorly on the polls. Basically the problem is whom the pollsters consider likely Republican voters, those who were crazy enough to vote for Bush last election, no Libertarians, independents or 3rd party supporters which makes up a huge chunk of his base, not to mention lots of his supporters may not have land line phones to be reached.

The first New York Straw Poll was held, and Ron Paul won against Giuliani. Giuliani’s own city, and Ron Paul bests him.

Ron Paul – 26 votes
Rudy Giuliani – 21 votes
Mitt Romney – 6 votes
John McCain – 4 botes
Mike Huckabee – 2 votes
Duncan Hunter – 1 vote
Tom Tancredo – 0 votes

Of course the question becomes why so few people in New York bothered with this Straw Poll when small state and city polls do so much better. Regardless, Ron Paul won out, in New York City of all places. Also, this seems to have been the Young Republicans, which would be more Ron Paul’s audience. However, straw polls probably are a better indicator of actual voting than the phone polls that the media quotes all the time since you actually have to go to them and take action, sometimes pay… Okay, somebody may try to point out the Ron Paul lost in Texas, but Texas did everything they could to stop Ron Paul supporters from being able to vote, directly baring some of them at the door, and he still placed third, had they Texas GOP not taken those actions Ron Paul would have won overwhelmingly.
Fox News and the others who keep accusing Ron Paul supporters of being just a small group of spammers is going to have a hard time explaining how he does so well in the primaries.