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Geocaching in the Presence of Muggels

As I noted before, I am getting interested in going geocaching. While most people know the term Muggle to refer to a non-magical person in the world of Harry Potter, but in geocaching parlance it refers to anyone not aware of geocaching who might endanger the cache, become suspicious of your activities while you are wondering around looking at your GPS or otherwise looking for the cache, or might find the cache by accident. (Some cache’s have been destroyed by bomb squads after somebody accidentally found it and feared it was a bomb, sometimes it may not go that far but the find may cause problems.)
Anyhow, here is a humor video I found on geocaching in the presence of Muggels.

The video is apparently also a hint to finding geocache GC18WM8.

When Sports Commentators Don’t Know the Game They are Commenting on

Got to love… “The pitch! And that happened. Apparently it was an S according to the board…” and many other great moments:
To be fair, the English commentator is doing a direct translation of the Japanese commentator… of course with how popular Baseball is there, I have to wonder how the Japanese commentator got his job. It appears that it was a singer/comedian, named John Mayer making fun of a Japanese broadcast, not doing a direct translation. The whole thing would be like me trying to do commentating for a Cricket match or something.

Viral Video of the Moment

From the Department of Misunderstood Lyrics that You Didn’t Know Were Misunderstood comes a contestant hopeful on Bulgaria’s, Music Idol (think Pop Idol or American Idol in Bulgaria) singing Mariah Carey’s “Without You”, but she has a curious misunderstanding of the lyrics. Here is her tryout (complete with subtitles):
After that she was invited back to sing it again, where she seems to have gotten a better understanding of the lyrics, but still sings “Ken Lee” at the critical moment… and a few other fun moments:
Valentina Hasan, the singer above, came from the second season, but just because it is cool, here is the winner of the first season, Nevena, singing a traditional Bulgarian folk song, Izlel e delio haidutin:
FYI: The bagpipe is a Kaba Bagpipe, and the song itself, not Nevena’s rendtion, is on the Voyager 1 spacecraft.

Humorous Music Video of the Moment

From Saturday Night Live comes another SNL Digital Short: Iran So Far, making fun of Ahmadinejad’s (President of Iran) statement that there are no gays in Iran (given that many homosexual men from Iran have attempted to get asylum in various countries based on being homosexual and fear of being put to death there because of it, proves his statement was false, incandescently this reason is often rejected even in gay friendly countries, and so if they don’t commit suicide as is sometimes the case, they are deported back to Iran where in all likelihood they were put to death… okay enough sad serious stuff onto the humor):

Apparently Reading the Constitution of the USA is Illegal Here Now

An interesting video of people being arrested, not given their meranda rights and not being what they are charged with beyond apparently reading the Constitution to people out loud, and when I say out loud, I am not talking about volume, just speaking the words of the Constitution of the United States of America in a public setting. This I am sure will be closely followed.
What the fuck is happening to this country? At one time the whole country was a free speech zone, now you have selected free speech zones and if you do free speech outside of those zones you are arrested. If you don’t have a permit to peacefully assemble, which incidentally is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment, you are arrested. People are being arrested for having impeach Bush shirts and being threatened by the city for having Ron Paul signs. The Constitution is being shit on by a bunch of asses who sore an oath to uphold it and protect it from threats foreign and domestic. The First Amendment is the first for a reason.
I am pissed, I am off to bed before I rant more…
EDIT: A short follow up is here, though I just more or less go off on those who say the police did right (and they did right in not telling third parties, but not to tell those arrested… which misses the point which is what I go on about… here I am about to go off again…)

Cool Music Video

…and no it’s not another Ron Paul music video… actually it isn’t the video that is cool so much as the song itself… although I am not the biggest hip-hop/rap fan in the world.

Music Videos of the Moment

From the new White Stripes album Icky Thump here is the titled single:
I think that the White Stripes are one of the few really good rock bands out there, and Meg White one of the hottest rock babes out there, if not the hottest. (Side note, both are apparently armature Taxidermist in their spare time.) Beck and Prince are also high on my list, while I may not be a big Beck fan, I do appreciate that he is one of the few originals out there. I also enjoy the Polyphonic Spree, who also put out a new album The Fragile Army (Bonus Dvd)
Since the Spree has a new album as well, here is the first video off it:
While I prefer the robes, the new look matches the album’s name. We missed their concert as we picking berries… big time bummer…

Good Commercial

Here is a well conceived commercial:
I was going to tag it with humor, but thought it wasn’t funny, so much as just well conceived and executed.