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To Set Sail or Not

So I am getting the programming bug again big time… I’ve had it for nearly a year now. It’s always been a higher level interest of mine. I’ve long wanted to be a game programmer… ever since the early 80s and it really took off in the mid 80s when we finally had a home computer, an IBM PCjr. I remember collecting Compute Magazine, which had full programs you could program in the computer… they gave you the full source code that you had to type in, and entering the code in and then tracking down errors, which universally meant typing errors then… but it was fun. I learned a little IBM Basica… which I think I did on my Tandy PC… I made a couple programs, or more like, modifications of programs from those in the magazines back in those days. But I never learned enough to do anything complex from the ground up.

In college, for whatever reasons, I skipped computer courses and steered to other directions, but at Brown Mackie, I did eventually move to get a Programming and Applications degree. The problem of course, was Brown Mackie’s format, and lowering to the lowest common denominator. So you had one month to each class, but if the slowest people couldn’t go along, then the whole class seemed to stall out, and we just never got far into our programming lessons. I wouldn’t feel comfortable searching out a job as a programmer based on what I learned there… heck, I could teach most, if not all the computer related classes I took there just as well if not better than we learned them. This isn’t to say I didn’t have some really good teachers, but they were held back by the text the school used, the slowest students and the format.

Anyhow, time goes on. I teach myself a bit more Visual Basic, some C# and enough PHP to fix a few issues off and on with the blog. I goof around with them some, but then stop around 2006. More time goes on and around 2008 I start looking at the idea of mobile development. iOS development looks to be out as it comes with a few obstacles, a new language or two (Objective C and possibly some COCOA), but the bigger issue would be needing a Mac, which is a rather large investment, plus in 2008 I had more faith in Android. Come 2010 I start looking at the market again, and the job options look good, and I start thinking again about my future as a programmer, and again focus on mobile development. I start really looking at the options, start thinking about focusing on Java (for Android) and iOS.. By 2011 I start looking at Full Sail University Mobile Development program which would give me a Bachelor of Science degree… now a year later I am again considering it.

The problem is a few fold… First I was really burned by Brown Mackie and how they were a rip off, and fear the same thing. Continue reading To Set Sail or Not

New Programming Adventures

I haven’t blogged about programming since 2009… It’s not for a lack of wanting to program. I do enjoy it, but I haven’t done anything for a very long time… I got discouraged because of Brown Mackie College, having a degree that is fairly worthless…
I still want to improve my C# skills…
But things seem to be heading well for mobile development. Between Android and iOS… The problem with Android is fragmentation, and support issues do to that. The problem with iOS development is you need a Mac, which I don’t have yet… and of course I’ve never learned anything with Objective C… though I think I could transition my C# lessons to Objective C to a degree… I at least have a basic familiarity with some C style syntax anyhow… The question is how to go about it… Learning on my own is a little difficult, and hard to hold your own feet to the fire as much as a being in a class will do…
Nobody locally teaches mobile development, or even Mac development… heck even C/C++ is very limited… online is the only real option, the question becomes is $60k more in school loans worth it? What are the chances of getting a good job to pay off nearly $85k in school loans having an online degree?