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How could I forget? Ari is eating Cheerios. Only a couple at a time as he tends to choke on them after a while, but he has started eating them. So Sara will probably move him to stage 3 foods soon.

UPS Rant

While I am ranting, let’s talk about UPS. A few days ago I was waiting for Sara to come here and pick up Ari, as I had to go to work and she was going to be in the area anyhow. It was getting late, so I had the door open and was occasionally watching out the window of the storm door. I saw the UPS truck driving up the road and went back to Ari. Next thing I hear is somebody on the porch and a package being dropped off. I get to the door to see the driver getting in his truck and leaving, the package just on the porch.
What happened to knocking to let you know you have a package? What happened to handing people the package?
This happened again yesterday, and when I was out picking up Ari, Sara said it happened before, though she at least remembers a knock on at least one occasion.

My Yahoo! Rant

It has been several hours since I made the last post. Yet when I logged onto My Yahoo! today, it didn’t show the last update. Perhaps My Yahoo! tests the pages only once a day or so, rather then each time you log in. All the more reason to use FeedDemon as your RSS feed reader.

Everyone’s Sick… Update

Seems Sara’s mother is sick as well and she reports the others looked like they may be starting to feel it as well. So whatever this is, spreads fast and hits hard. I have my mother coming down to take Ari for the night and take Ari back to Sara’s house Thursday. This way I can get some rest and study for a test I have at school Thursday… if I feel even half as bad, the test may be all I do that day. So far, I ate a single cheese sandwich. I haven’t puked it up yet, so that gives me hope, but my stomach feels like an Alien chest buster is in me trying to claw its way out. It is a sharp strong pain, and then there is the general blahs.

Everyone is sick

I normally would have school this morning, but Sara and Ari was so sick, I picked Ari up for her as she didn’t feel well enough to take care of him. Turns out, what I thought was just a chest cold is something far worse as I spent the whole night puking myself. Ari slept all day and night. He doesn’t seem to have a fever, so we haven’t rushed him to his doctor’s office yet… not that any of us would be able to drive, I barely made it home on time myself.
It is odd that I would be sick so soon. I normally am one of the last to get the flu or something, and even then it normally doesn’t hit me as hard as it does others. I can recall only a couple other times where I got it early, and it is normally followed by a fever that is no fun. Sara is running a temperature, or was when I picked up Ari last night. I seem not to have a fever at the moment, just feel weak and shaky and afraid to really eat or drink anything at the moment, but I must get something in my stomach to avoid further unplesentry.
It worries me that Ari has been sick a week now…

Contacting me

Since Sara has the phone with her, I am sans-phone (without a phone). I hope to get a pre-paid wireless one, but I want one with games and stuff on it… 😉 Anyhow, it may be a while before I get one.
The best way it to just email me using the link to the right. Email sent to my account may be lost in the spam as I get over 100 spam there a day.

Sara’s Wishlist

Sara wanted me to take down her wishlist link as somebody said something about it to her. It will be a while before I remove it from the random rotation on the side. If you want to look it up, just use the Amazon link to the side and then search for her email.
Actually, unless you see something on the random thing to the side, that is the best way to get me something from mine as well, rather then the direct wishlist link. I don’t make money off the direct wishlist link, but I do from the random image one and the Amazon link. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and the time with family and friends… and if you are alone, I hope you enjoy it anyhow.
Meanwhile, Sara and Ari went to visit her friends in Findley for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
Edit: I forgot to say that I’ll be with the Thomas’ family for a bit today, then I’ll probably start cleaning the house.

Work shift change

The only reason I am up, I woke up to get a drink. I am now able to sleep normal hours… well semi-normal anyhow. I now work the “afternoon shift.” That is 2 to 10 or 4 to midnight or 3 to 11, depending on the day. I normally have Wednesday off, and I have Saturday off unless for some reason I had Friday off, such as this upcoming Friday and Thanksgiving weekend.

Cool page

The cool page of the moment is the Skyscraper Page. Check out their diagrams page, which is very cool, particurly the World’s 10 Tallest Buildings, in their official order. I personally object to Pertronas Towers being called the 2nd tallest, ahead of the Sears Tower. They shouldn’t count a decrative spire, and if they are going to count it, then the Sears Tower still wins by nearly 9 meters, as they had some polls that were part of the original stucture which are higher then the Pertronas Towers’ spire, and it was these that they added the tv anentas to… An article titled:Another View: Sear’s Tower – World’s Tallest Building over at Elevator World explains the situation better between the Sears Tower and Pertronas Towers, and which is taller. There is little doubt that the Taipei 101 is taller then the Sears Tower however, having a top floor 7 meters higher, and the highest occupiable floor is what they should use in my book, and not spires… However, while the Taipei roof is also higher, 448 meters, to the Sears Tower’s roof at 442 meters, if we again use what became the antenna mounts, but were just part of the original structure, the Sears Tower still wins at 462.7 meters. If we are to count spires, then we should count fixed antenna’s, which still keeps the Sears Tower nearly 20 meters taller then even Taipei.
Anyhow… The page is really cool, and I loved the drawings, and would love to get that poster they have for sell… I really like architecture…

I am Amazing!

I am amzing. Just last night, about 2:30 am, I was in the church sanctuary, measuring and straightening the near 600 chairs, then at 2:30 am I was in the sanctuary foyer cleaning it. That’s right, I was in two places at the same time. I do this once a year, just because I can.
Just six months ago, to prove how short life is, I skipped an hour.

Okay, perhaps not so amazing. Did you remember to set your clocks back?

Brian’s Wishlist Edited

I finally updated my wishlist, removing things I already have, and adding a few more that I would like to have, but I could add tons more.
Then I would need a wishlist at some computer places to add a new desktop computer (or preferably make my own, but that still is nearly $3000) or a laptop… hehe… 😉

What’s going on.

Okay, a few notes on what is going on.
1) I have changed hosts to one that will let me use MySQL. There are a few reasons for this, mostly to save money. I save money by not having to pay for Radio Userland anymore, and the host is far cheaper. So I’ll get a refund from my old host, nearly equal, if not more, then what a year costs with the new host.
2) As noted above, I am no longer using Radio Userland to feed the blog, but have finally switched to WordPress. This was why I needed a host that had MySQL. At the moment it is using the default layout and look. When I have time I’ll change it.
3) The Family History page will be back once I upload everything to the new host. The advantage is that I can now make it use MySQL as well, which should make things better.
4) Pictures of Ari are gone for the moment. Again, this is just until I have time to upload things to the new host.
5) Things may be a bit funky from time to time as the DNS servers update from the old location to the new location.
6) There is no spell checker built into WordPress, but I should be able to get around that with a spell checker addon to Firefox. I’ll see, but for now you’ll have to put up with spelling errors.