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Time Waster of the Moment

Here is another fun game to play. It’s called Funny Farm, and I’ll spoil part of it here, the idea is simply to find what word goes in the orange blocks. As you find that word, it might open other paths.
You start with “on the farm” and have to find something like 14 things you would find on the farm. I’ll give away an easy one, cow, this opens up 5 more words. Some of those may link to other words of things you’ll find on the farm. Some will link to other pages where you need to find more words that relate.
A hint. Don’t always think literally. Just because you find Jesus on one page, doesn’t mean that what links to Him is related to Him at all.

Fun Time Waster of the Moment

Looking for a fun game to play online that forces you to use your brain? Submachine 3 is the game for you. It is relatively short, only 11 levels, and not too hard, I needed a hint on only 2 levels and the one was fairly easy without reading a full spoiler. It is a simple point and click game. Click the mouse on ladders or doors to move around the grid, click items to interact with them.
Level 0 you simply click the black spot on the floor below and to the left of the lever which turns it on allowing you to go to the next level. The item on the floor is your Heads Up Display and will show you where you are on the grid.
Level 1, go to the right and you will see a grid that shows you were the items you must interact with are at. I’ll leave you to solve the rest of that level yourself, it’s easy.
Sometimes the grid board is broken or missing, in which case there may be another hint somewhere nearby, or all the stuff you need are close by.
From there you are on your own. Good luck.

Cool Game

Here is a cool game at Absolute. The idea is to find the shape of 82 Absolute bottles. I maxed out so far with about 61, but that one included some random clicks where I saw the bottle after I clicked. The best I did so far with actually clicking it was 55, but I knew were about 3 more were, but couldn’t get to them in the two minute time limit. Good luck.

Warning – Left Behind Game Uses Spyware

One has to wonder what the developer or publisher was thinking, but the new Left Behind: Eternal Forces computer game install spyware on your computer… a very anti-Christ like move… as the game watches everything you do in the game and reports it back to the ad-server, including information about you and where you live, along with where you go in the game, how much time you play it, what ads you watch and more (story).
Whatever you do, don’t buy this game. Write a nice letter to the publisher and tell them how disapointed you are that they would take such un-Christian actions such as spying on their buyers. Let them know that you will tell all your friends to avoid the game because of their spying actions.

It Grow’s Again

There is yet another new Grow game online. Once again the goal is to put the items on the board in the correct order so that everything maxis out. I did this one in about 15 minutes without notes. For example put the Tube on the board first, and after it grows legs (after placing some more items) it walks away, you might place the hole and it falls in, leading to in incorrect solution.
The Rot13 solution is below, with some extra words thrown in to avoid tipping you off with just looking at the cypher, it may be the first word, it may be the second word… actually both apply, but, well… you’ll see if you have to use it, but try not to:
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Yet Another Really Cool Game

Switchball is a marble game along the lines of Marble Madness and dozens of others. What sets this one apart is the ability, indeed sometimes the need, to switch your ball from one form to another. The game uses realistic physics and incredible graphics. Due to those two reasons, the system requirements may be a bit high for some people. However, if your machine meets the minimum requirement then you need to check this title out. Very well worth the download, and this is just an alpha demo, I can’t wait to see what the final demo and game look like. Apparently the game will also take advantage of a physics processor if you have one in your machine… you know, physics processor, one of those ideas I had many years ago but did nothing with… perhaps I should find somebody to patent a few ideas that I still have left…

Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong is a really cool game, so cool that the author’s homepage got taken down do to bandwidth. The page was redone at Google Base, so without further ado Plasma Pong.
The game uses fluid dynamics to drive the environment that the ball operates in. So if you have lots plasma on your side, the ball will have a harder time getting to you. Of course your opponent is doing the same thing. can suck the plasma and ball into your paddle by using your right mouse button, while the left button sends jets of plasma out. When you release the right mouse button it releases the plasma and ball and/or sends a shockwave. As you progress in the game the fluid dynamics become harder, that is, there is more plasma. It is far cooler then I make it sound here. You have 10 lives, how long will you last?
I learned about the game at Digg, and they give a few mirrors to download the game (NOTE: I haven’t checked these unless I otherwise say so, so use at your own risk, and always virus check a file to be sure the mirror isn’t infected): Mirror 1, Mirror 2 (registration required to get rid of their annoying download box), Mirror 3 (the one I got it from) and finally Mirror 4. There seems to be no torrents for it yet.

New Grow game

There is a new Grow game, Grow Cube. Once again the goal is to find the order to put stuff on the “planet” to get stuff to max out. For example, if the water isn’t there, the seeds won’t take root and grow, and if the springs are put in too early, they won’t have a chance to be where they need to be, and if the ball is put to early it will just drop… at the same time, if you put an item too late, the items that depend on it won’t max out. Have fun.

Grow RPG

Grow RPG is a new free online game from the people who made, Grow ver.3. In them, you simply drag one of the items from the side of the Grow globe, onto the Grow globe in a special order to achieve the desired end result. Certain items may make previously placed items grow in power, or stop events from happening. For example, in the RPG version, the enemy at the top, jumps after each item is placed, breaking off pieces of the globe until you place the water, giving the world an ocean. The trick of course is to see how much water you need, how much forest do you need, etc. It’s easier to actually play then to try to describe it, so give it a try. It took me 9 tries to solve the RPG, which has far fewer items then the version 3 does. Good luck and have fun.


I was thinking that it would be cool to make a website about FreeCell, the card game that comes with Windows. I figure I would make a site to document every possible solution to every possible deal. It would be a big effort since the original FreeCell on Windows had 32,000 deals… but somebody already did it… sort of. They don’t list every possible solution, and as a matter of fact, don’t give a solution to all 32,000 deals, but there are sites out there devoted to FreeCell.
Before giving the rundown on FreeCell sites, here are some facts.
The original Microsoft FreeCell has, as I mentioned, 32,000 deals. Of these, only deal #11982 is impossible to solve, all the rest can be solved.
Microsoft upgraded FreeCell for Windows XP, while the original 32,000 deals are the same, it now has 1 million deals. Of those 1 million, only 8 are not solvable. (Beyond the 11982, there is 146692, 186216, 455889, 495505, 512118, 517776, 781948).
The program(s) do not have a table saying the Jack of spades on deal 1941 (one of the hardest, if not the hardest solvable deals in the original FreeCell) is the 3rd card from the bottom, 2nd column, rather it relies on the fact that if you seed the random function with 1941, you will get the same results each time… “True” random numbers on a computer are generated by counting the seconds from some time in history (who’s date and year and time escape me now) to the time the program calls for the number, so in theory, two computers using the same program at the exact same time will get the exact same number… which makes it kind of not a true random number at all. Anyhow, it is this predictability in random numbers that make FreeCell work. Give the random number generator 1941, and it will produce the exact same numbers every time.
Anyhow, I doubt anyone here really cares about how hard it is to get a truly random number out of a computer, or how FreeCell generates the cards, so on to the links.
Solitaire Laboratory has a FreeCell FAQ, General Information and Solutions, Difficult Deals List, an Illustrated FreeCell Tutorial, and is the location to download FreeCell Pro, a program that records your solutions, solves hands, lets you set the number of free cells from 0 to 7, and many other cool features. is the first site I ran across, and where I’ll end this list. Lots of it’s links come back to the above links anyhow, but it is still worth a stop.

Awsome version of Minesweeper

If you like Minesweeper, there is a cool new game out called, Inspector Parker in: Betrapped, obviously from the same people who made another really good game, Inspector Parker itself. If you enjoyed the original Inspector Parker and/or are fans of the book series, A Series of Unfortunate Events (the first 11 of which are available from Amazon as a shrink wrapped set), and which is being made into a movie with Jim Carrey, then this game, based on them may be of interest. It is basically a modified version of Inspector Parker with the characters and incidents from the books/movie in it. The game play is modified to move things rather then just remove things. All three games should be available to play online at either Yahoo or MSN or both.
And hey, even if you don’t like Minesweeper, you should check it out… check them all out.