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My Android: Netrunner Resources

I’ve pondered Android Netrunner Must Haves before, but didn’t go into much detail about the game itself, or the resources I use to gather information about it. I’ll leave details about the game for another day, but a quick basic before I jump to the meat of this post. I’ve also expanded my Board Gaming in the Canton/Akron Area post to include more information about Netrunner locally.

Android Netrunner is a Living Card Game put out by Fantasy Flight Games. A Living Card Game is sort of like a Collectible Card Game (think Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.) but you don’t have to chase cards as the packs aren’t randomly packed. The core sets, and every expansion pack has the same cards as another core or expansion of the same name. Android: Netrunner is based off the original Netrunner game, designed by Richard Garfield, the guy who created Magic the Gathering, Robo Rally, and King of Tokyo among several others. In it, two players play against one another, one as a corporation who is trying to advance their agendas, the other a runner (Cypberpunk hacker) is trying to steal the corporation’s agendas. The corporation wins if they can force the player to discard more cards then they have in their hand (called flat lining) or by scoring 7 agenda points (each agenda card is worth 2 or more points, but it takes time and money to advance an agenda in order to score it). The Runner wins if they steal 7 points of agendas from the corporation, or if the corporation has to draw a card when they have no more cards to draw (I’ve never heard a game ending that way, but I guess it could happen). Continue reading My Android: Netrunner Resources

Pondering Android Netrunner Must Haves

For people coming from a link to help, feel free to skip the intro, which is more for regular readers or those not familiar with Netrunner as much…

So I’ve been wanting to play Android Netrunner Living Card Game… I’ve played a couple times with Ari, but not any real serious games yet. I’ve listened to a couple of the Agenda 7 Podcast and a couple of the Breaking News Podcast, along with some of Team Covenant’s excellent video commentary series, and I’m ready to start playing some more serious games (if I can find people in my local area to play that is). I’ve got the following Data Packs (expansions for the game) so far, What Lies Ahead, Trace Amount, Cyber Exodus and A Study in Static, which are all there are at this point.

The challenge for me is that I’ve never played Magic: The Gathering, the original Netrunner game (on which this one is based), or any other games like it… my card game experience (beyond those using a regular deck of cards) is limited to games like Dominion and Elder Sign, both of which are far from the same category. Continue reading Pondering Android Netrunner Must Haves