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Ari Update

Today’s Ari update is brought to you by roll overs, when you want to go from your back to your stomach, roll over. Yes, Ari figured out how to roll from his back to his belly. When I came home one day from work, I found him in his crib on his stomach. Later, when we put him down on the floor, we found him on his belly, just looking around, and when we put him in his crib he kept rolling over. The bad thing now is that he tends to get an arm stuck under him when he rolls to his stomach., so he can’t roll back and gets frustrated. As Sara noted, if we sit him up in the middle of the floor, he’ll sit there himself for some time. Everyone comments on how nice and big his eyes are, and how attentive he seems to be. He’s fairly content, and generally lets anyone hold him. He has started sticking his tongue out a lot, but hasn’t started with the raspberries yet.