On the Big Five Oh and Amazon Wishlists

So I’m going to be 50 soon. 50. There was a time when that seemed old, and far off. Still seems a bit old. I feel old often anyhow.

So just to make the wishlists easy for friends, family, “internet friends”, and any random Internet stranger out there that for some reason wants to get a stranger or “internet friend” a gift, I’ve of course made Amazon wishlists… well, the lists have been around for ages, these are just the ones that apply for now.

Also an important note, while I will indeed be 50 soon, this post is more or less in jest. I’m up, bored, and figured why not put the list together before I nap.

Also, cash is king…

In general, about the only times I’m not in a super depressed mood, or at least able to suppress the depression to any reasonable degree, is while sleeping (it helps that I’m tired near all the time), and while gaming, so the Steam Wishlist and the BIrthday Holiday general list which has some board games on it (mostly soloable, as I don’t really have anyone to play them with me, and it’s hit or miss with the kids on if they’ll play).

Before we get to the Amazon ones, here’s my Steam Wishlist. It’s not 100% in order (at least after the first 20)… but probably the best of the lists.

Also, before we get to Amazon, there’s a few board games that one can’t get off Amazon.

First board game up is Cloudspire, from Chip Theory Games. I couldn’t afford the Kickstarter, and missed the period where it was on pre-order for $109, so now it is the full $130. Chip Theory Games I’m so excited about, they were the ones I was most excited to see at My First Origins Game Fair last year. Heck, while we’re talking Chip Theory Games, one of my favorite board games is Too Many Bones, and I still need (in preference order) Undertow (a stand alone expansion), Age of Tyranny (campaign expansion for the main game), Nugget (character expansion), Ally Pack, 40 Days in Daelore (more baddies, and encounters), and finally Gasket (character expansion). I’d also like to try Hoplomachus, perhaps starting withHoplomachus: Origins as it seems a good entry point, and one of the better ones for playing solo as I hear it.

With all Amazon wishlists, sort by Priority order. Once an item is purchased, it should disappear from the list, so there shouldn’t be duplicates.

Brian’s Birthday and Holiday General List is a somewhat general list with some boardgames on it, Amazon Prime request, Blu-rays, a LEGO set… it is a bit out of date, though that Gloomhaven game is still highly wanted, as is Aeons end… and City of Kings…

Brian’s Telescope Wishlist is of course a list to get a better than my current el-cheapo $50-75 telescope with one that can better be used for observations. Of course the key problem with this one is storage, both now, and any foreseeable future. This telescope is different than my original request of a Celestron 11″ or 14″ CPC Deluxe HD Computer Telescope… the Celestron’s are far more portable, and slightly better for what I want to do, and far better for astro imaging, but the 11″ costs about $3,500, while the telescope on my list now is about $500.

Brian’s Mic Fix is to fix issues I have with my microphone when streaming. Mostly in terms of vibrations being transmitted to it from the floor and desk. It doesn’t help much in terms of background noise, that would require a whole other list, with a better microphone, different style, like the Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone & AI-1 One-Channel USB Audio Interface Pack, with a good stand, and all that jazz, but that’s like $350, where the whole mic fix list is under$67. Both have a Cardioid pattern, and removing the vibrations should remove almost all of the sounds it is picking up, especially if I got the mic into a good position (which, using the cheap stand on the list won’t do too supper well, but functionally better than just sitting on my desk).

Brian’s AMD Ryzen PC Upgrade is the last list I’ll put out for this article. The idea here is I keep everything in my current computer, the current HDs (and I realistically need a new bigger SSD, but that isn’t on the list), the current video card, power supply, case, and all that, just replace the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. This is mostly an all or nothing sort of list.

Of course before all these, and somewhat less serious, would be to pay off the car loan (a bit under $10k), pay off the student loans (darn near $25k), get a house (probably close to $350k+ in North Pittsburgh, down to about $150k if I stayed local, and over $400k if I moved to Columbus)… there’s pay off the rest of the rent for the year, that’s about $2,000 (which then frees that money for other things). See a doctor about a lot of different issues (both physical and mental health).

There’s my Twitch channel, I could always use viewers… don’t really need chatters, just mute the tab. There’s a tip jar there if somebody really wanted do donate cash money. Of course I don’t really stream all that often, so not sure keeping a tab open and muted, is the best idea for as random as it is. And I certainly do not want any bots.

I do need a way to keep my PC, and most everything else upstairs, wired to the Internet, get it all off wireless. That requires somehow wiring it up, which is a bit of a mystery to me on how to do it, and make things look nice.

EDIT: A month out, and I thought I’d add a few things here.

First, the car repairs needed. It needs a strut, and at least one tire. Brakes are getting near the time to be replaced as well…

I’ve long wanted to fly gliders/sailplanes. One of the biggest and best clubs in the country (outside of mountain states anyhow) is about 3 1/2 hours from me. The Caesar Creek Soaring Club offers intro flights for about $100… however, the problem of course is that is just an intro, actuall lessons, and the like, wold likely add to over $6000, to probably closer to $10k, depending on lots of factors. Which places things well beyond affordability. Plus, even if I did get fully licensed… rental, and the rest of the expenses on flying thereafter, as the cost of buying/storing a glider would beyond what I could dream of having. Much closer to me, and different fee structure, but perhaps cheaper to the Private Pilot Glider License, is the Soaring Thunderbirds, which, as I noted, is far closer. So cheaper and closer, but no gift certificates… Dedication can get you to license for $2,500to $5k in a single season (weather permitting and all that of course). I’m nearly tempted by that one, though I couldn’t do it in a single season, as I couldn’t get that much together… but it’s close and the $50 a month fee during the season… reasonable fees on the tow as well…