Anthem – OVERREACTION by the Haters, let them hate, I for one have enjoyed it

There’s an odd thing going on with Anthem. It is receiving a ton of rancor, animosity, and hate. Much of it directed at the developers, and some at the fans of the game. As if the section of reviewers, YouTube, and the like have such a venomous hatred of the game, they seem insulted that others are enjoying the game. They seem to be going out of their way to try and ruin the fun that many people are still having with the game. Watch a stream, and the comments are filled with people who just hate the game. They can’t let the streamer, their fans, the game’s fans go, they have to spread their hatred of the game, and try to ruin everyone else’s enjoyment.

This happens from time to time, with various sports, books, movies and games. This time it just seems to be particularly viral, and intense. The closest I think I can come was Solo: A Star Wars story, which was a perfectly fine movie, but a section of the fandom hated the movie so much, they hated on those who enjoyed it, like how dare they enjoy a movie they hate. They revealed in the movie’s failure at the box office, even if that meant killing future works that they may have enjoyed. Many of these same people were then upset when EA canceled some single player Star Wars games, but I’m sure EA saw the reaction to Solo, and wanted to avoid that sort of hate. I doubt it was the main reason, but it undoubtedly figured in.

I’m not saying that there is no place for criticism. It is highly important, but there’s comes a point where one is just endlessly harping on that criticism train it becomes virulent, and less constructive. That’s where things got quickly with Anthem. It was far from a perfect game, and perhaps wasn’t up to the hype that many had when it was first announced. As a Bioware game, it is just meh. It is missing a lot of what makes a Bioware game typically great, the story is a bit shallow, there’s an overly transmitted twist, too many choices don’t seem to affect anything long term, the spy and his wife being the main noticeable exception. There’s no romance option, no romancing Brin… It is also a middle of the pack looter shooter.

That said, I’ve put 47 hours into it so far, and have enjoyed all those 47 hours. To me, that is what makes a good game. Did you enjoy that time you played? Did you feel it was worth the investment to buy the game for those hours? Was it a fun distraction during that time you watched/played? Yes I did to all those. I generally compare the value of a game to a two hour movie. Locally a first run movie on the weekend runs either $6 prime time, or $10.25 prime time, so that’s between $3/hr to >$5/hr. Anthem presently is at a $1.2/hr investment, and those were enjoyable enough hours. It was a welcome distraction for near 50 hours so far, and I see a lot more hours coming, so it’ll likely be under a $1/hr of personal fun, enjoyment, and distraction from this world. That’s a huge bargain to me.

I coved Anthem before in Anthem – First Look, Great Fun and Bugs that ANNOY, and since then some of those bugs have been fixed. The load times are now good, the tethering (not mentioned then) has been greatly improved. The loot drops have recently been improved with more relevant stats (I didn’t really see much bad drops at the time of the first look, but did before the rebalance).

I’d love to say let the haters hate, but the fact they seem to think that those of us who enjoy the game shouldn’t be enjoying it is where I have to draw a line. If you hate it, fine, you’ve said your piece, now let it go. Don’t just keep jumping into chats with how much you hate it, how can they stream such garbage. Don’t keep making video after video about how much you think the game sucks, and Bioware and EA just need to fold it, that there’s zero hope (though I get it, right now it is popular to hate on Anthem to a huge degree, and they are likely going for cheap ad revenue… there’s no ads here save a Amazon banner that nobody uses, and I spend near $9 a month of my own money to just have a blog that I don’t even use on the regular, just to be a random distraction once in a great while). We all get it, the haters hate the game, but let those who enjoy it, enjoy it. They aren’t going to win any converts, just preach to a choir.

I’m not seeing anything in Division 2 to make me drop $60 on it yet. I’ve played Division 1 enough, and I enjoyed it, even on release. The only thing I didn’t like about Division was the Dark Zone as I hate PvP, and it was just an endless grief session, overgeared players killing undergeared players. The survival mode in the DZ was fun for a few times, but not enough to really draw me into the DZ. Plus I don’t know if I can stand to do those first few missions a fourth or fifth time (closed test, more open test, closed test but no NDA, current open beta)… plus not being able to skip the opening cinematic that I’ve now seen 4 times. I did enjoy the gameplay loop though, basically more Division, which was an okay game, I enjoyed it overall, and it valued out. Right now, my issue is more like Division 2 feels more like an expansion, not a $60 new title, so I personally will wait for a price drop.

Destiny 2 would be great if I could get the expansions at a fair price… Anthem is giving us the equivalent of those expansions for free, and that’s something we should be encouraging, and if the game fails, then the model by which people have to buy a game for $60, drop $10-30 more on an expansion, will remain the norm if those titles continue to dominate, which is something the fans hate, pick your poison. I personally enjoyed Destiny 2 enough that it reached a great value point (dollar per hour). It’s not something I’ve played much past the main story that I had access to, but I enjoyed it (and perhaps more so than I did the original Destiny). But I don’t have the money to drop on all those expansions, so it remains uninstalled on my computer.

Warframe of course continues to be a title I go to off and on…

This is probably a point where I should say there’s no title I put several hundreds of hours into. Perhaps World of Warcraft from Frozen Throne to around the Cataclysm expansion, but aside from that, I don’t think any title has got me to play endlessly. Even with WoW, I didn’t play more than 60-80 hours on a single character, I switched Alts a lot… like a ton. I’m easily distracted, and move on to the new shiny thing fairly quickly. I seldom read a book series without taking a break and moving to another title or series for a while. When I stream, I typically only do it for a couple to a few hours per title. So I never expected Anthem to be a title I’d drop several hundred hours on in a row. Even Warframe got to where it was with me over several periods, where I’d play a lot for up to 30 hours, then drop it again, move to something else, come back.