My TV Died

My TV died. It’s an older LG 42LE5400 from about 2011/2012. It’s long had a line of dead pixels down the left side which was noticeable on any brighter scenes, but overall it was an okay set and served its seven years well. I don’t know how much I spent on it, on it, but reviews from the time suggest an MSRP of $1,499.99, which I think is a bit high, so I probably got it under the $1k mark. The TV turns on and gets stuck at the LG logo. I can’t even get to the input options to watch stuff on my PS4/XBox One/Switch. Seems this suggests the motherboard died. Now there is a possibility that the board just needs “reflowed” which involves either a hot air gun or putting it in a preheated oven (at about 385 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes). So I’ll probably try the reflow option using a hot air gun, then I have to face the choice, do I try and buy a used motherboard that may or may not work for $50+, or a new TV.

Obviously, this article then is on the new TV options, from high end down to lower and more reasonable choices. Now if one is getting a new TV, you may as well go 4K, because that’s the direction TVs are moving, and prices are falling across the board. The TV I’m replacing is 42″, but as 55″ is the minimum for most of the TVs I’m looking at, I’m listing the 55″ option, at least until we get to the last one. None of this is meant to be super serious, but got to toss the options out there for giggles.

At the high end, if going with a new TV, may as well go all out and get an OLED TV, because they have the best picture quality, and I’d say it makes it worth the extra cost. Unfortunately for me, at $1,199 is WAY above and beyond what I could afford anytime soon, especially as a replacement TV here and now. There are higher end models than this one, but this has the best bang for the buck.

Next up we jump to cheap Chinese brands, where we get TVs that do well enough. TCL is taking the TV world by storm by offering TVs that do a good enough job for most uses at an affordable price. This 6-Series set is probably the sweet spot in terms of price and performance, but at $649.97 it is still a bit high for me (a small aside, I think the Best Buy price is slightly better at “only” $599.99).

Next we step down to the 5-Series from TCL. This is where we can finally step down from the 55″ size to closer to my current TVs size. However, I’ve heard reports of issues with the sets under 55″, so we’ll display the $494.99 ($449.99 at Best Buy) 55″ first.

That same TV at 43″, size range my TV is, brings it down to $379.99 ($349.99 at Best Buy). This price also puts it almost in my range.

Of course I put all 3 TVs on my TV Wishlist at Amazon… just in case somebody felt generous. Lol.

Then the problem would be none of my gaming systems are ready for 4k, so I’d have to get a PS4 Pro… which doesn’t play 4K Blu-Ray, but the XBox One X does, the alternative is to get a 4K Blu-Ray player on its own. Both are are on that same wishlist.