Fortnite The Quick and Dirty Post

I’ve been saying to myself I’d make a proper Fortnite post since the game’s NDA dropped… originally I was going to make an article, record a video (done), edit it (not done) and get it up, and the post up to go live as soon as the NDA dropped… I didn’t get around to it.

I did play and stream the game that first day that us testers got back into the game (a day before the regular people pre-purchasing Early Access could play), and again figured I’d get an article up soon… again, I never made it.

So now we get to today, and I think it’s time to at least post an article pointing to my recent streams (or at least highlights of such). Side note before we get into them, if you watch my stream (and some others) live, you can get special in game quests.

Without further ado, here’s some of the highlights:

First four are from the testers head start:
Fortnite – Playing the Tutorial
More Fortnight
Fortnite – Tickle Me Llamas – Just me showing how the LLamas react if you “tickle” them.
Fortnite – Gold Llama – My first Gold Llama… I think ever…

The rest are just highlights after that…
More Fortnite Adventures
We Rescue All the Survivors in Fortnite – First time a PUB and I manage to get all the survivors. I’ve done it a few times since then, and then I’d start to wonder why nobody seemed to try to rescue all the survivors for the bonus… after some testing, it doesn’t really seem the extra star really helps give a good enough bonus, so that if you need to actually gather stuff after the initial survivors are rescued, then you can just as well start gathering resources. Now if the rest of the PUB appears to be trying to find survivors, I’d say help, but otherwise, after you find the main quest ones, do as thou wishes.
Showing off my base before amplifiers – I now have two amplifiers up, and I’d guess I’m soon going to have to put a third as the shield is past it… Base has expanded much since then…

These two also got copied over from Twitch to YouTube, so I’m posting their YouTube version. Quality of course is down from my usual YouTube videos as it is from a Twitch highlight, not a direct recording.
How’d He Get Down There?!
Fortnite – Backpack Inventory Management Outside Missions

That’s it as of the writing of this post (1 August 2017 about 7 PM), and there’s still a plan to do a big write up of this rather great game… but the best laid plans and all… Hopefully this will do for now.