Why Destiny 2 Physical Copies Should Go Out Before September 6th

Destiny 2’s (Amazon link) launch date is September 6th at midnight PST, but you can preload your digital copy, at least on PS4, we don’t know the XBox One’s preload date yet, on September 3rd. 3 days early. Apparently it is about 68 GB on the PS4, so it’s a fairly big file and will take time to download, especially given how many people will probably hit the servers to get the preload started. So I’ve been thinking… I know, dangerous territory… that it makes little sense to hold physical copies back until the launch on the 6th. Destiny 2 is an online game, and having the disc ahead of time won’t let them play any sooner than those with the digital pre-load… now I can see holding the physical copies until the 3rd to have parity, and both will probably require a day one patch, at the very least to activate them, and connect let them connect to the servers.

Of course the real question is, if you pre-order from Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop or whatever, do you get a code early enough to pre-load, or is that only for those who order from Sony, Microsoft, Bungie directly, with all others getting their code at midnight on the 6th? From the looks of things, only those who got it directly from the 3 main stores (and really Bungie’s just redirect’s you to the other two) will get the preload, which again, doesn’t seem to make any more sense than physical copies having to wait, the servers won’t be up, and final patches probably won’t go out until late, so everyone should get their codes early enough to get fully pre-loaded. Now I’ve seen it both ways, that the store should give you the code early enough to pre-load, and others, including a response on Best Buy’s own forums by a Best Buy employee, suggesting that codes will go out on the date (though perhaps that might mean the 3rd)… of course the beta code is included on the receipt.

On a side note, it’s a bit sad that Amazon‘s Prime program doesn’t give the 20% discount on digital pre-orders of games, and only on physical. If you have Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked, you get 20% off, even off digital copies, and as an added bonus, on select titles, like Destiny 2, you can get a $10 Reward Certificate… So let’s break that down… Destiny 2 is $59.99, take 20% off, you get it at $47.99 (a savings of $12), then you get $10 to another purchase… the expansion pack is $34.99, so get your 20% off that, brings it to $27.99, use your $10 certificate, and you got it for $17.99… together that is $65.98… compare this to the Destiny 2 and Expansion Pack combo which retails for $89.99, you save $24.01 (it seems cheaper to go that way then to buy the combo up front as that discounts to $71.99 with $10 to spend elsewhere later…which if you count that $10 off, I guess it is cheaper to go the combo route). It is perhaps worth noting that Gamer’s Club Unlocked is $30 for 2 years… so if you don’t have that yet, that means you are out a few extra bucks on this title… though saving 20% off all future games likely makes up for it in the long run. Still, would be nice if Amazon would extend their 20% off to include digital copies…