Once More With The Crew, This Time With The Boys

Two years ago, I went to My First Columbus Crew Match. Recently, I took my boys to their (and mine) first hockey game. At long last, I, thanks to help from my mother and step father, was able to deliver on a promise to take my kids to a professional soccer match… and what a near perfect day. Slightly cloudy, but no rain, humidity was relatively low for this time of year, as was the heat, which peaked in the upper 70s (F).

Columbus is a bit over a two hour drive from where I live, and the game started at 7:30 PM, so I was going to leave the house about 3 PM, put us there about 5-5:30, eat dinner then go to the Stadium about 7 to watch the game. At the last minute I decided to leave early, spend time at Easton Town Center, originally to eat and play games at KDB (sort of like a Dave and Busters, which I also considered up at Polaris). It was the LEGO Store at Easton that caused me to choose Easton over Polaris. With stuff to keep the boys entertained, we left town a bit after noon, stopped by Walmart, got some ice tea, oil for the car (thing uses over 3 quarts a month), gas (full tank was left with only quarter a tank by the time we got back… it’s not as efficient as it should be that’s for sure), and off we went. My youngest eventually went to sleep on the way down, the oldest played a little on the phone, then eventually rested himself.

We got to Easton, and I’m shocked at how huge the place is. Shocked. After wondering around, we eventually get into a parking garage, pass an EV charging station with a couple cars, then a whole line of Tesla‘s on their own stations… I’d forgotten there was a Tesla store in that mall. Anyhow we park, wonder past KDB as we want to look a bit first… the youngest needs to use a restroom, so we go out of the main mall, past the LEGO store, use them, then go back to the LEGO Store. We notice lots of families there with Columbus Crew shirts on… actually, we’ll see lots of Crew shirts throughout the day before we get to the stadium. We enjoy looking around a bit… here’s the oldest looking at the LEGO TECHNIC Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

We leave there, then we go to the Tesla store, because I like dreaming… (I’d love a Model 3 once it comes out… that or a Chevy Bolt, both the same price, same basic range… but I don’t have a way of charging them at home, so moot point).

We go back to KDB, look around, see the games, then leave, trying to decide where we want to eat. We look over the options at KDB, and around the mall, and decide to try Melt Bar and Grill, a grilled cheese shop, and make the mistake of walking all the way there, only to learn there is a trolley line that takes you all the way to that half of the mall. We are all impressed with the food (though my drink ended up empty… and could have been checked on perhaps once or twice more, still service was okay)… in fact I recommend trying Melt out if you are in Columbus (I’d guess their other locations around North East Ohio are good too).

From their menu, I had a Melt Cheeseburger.

My youngest had a French Bread Pizza

And my oldest had The Dude Abides “Homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, basil marinara, roasted garlic, provolone & romano”… he enjoys it, though notes he’d probably only do a half next time.

We all agree the fries were really good, as was the food. Most of my family are local to North East Ohio, so I’d say, find one near you, check them out…

We ride the trolley back to the main part of the mall, wonder into an area where there are fountains for the kids to play in, and the youngest of course had to play…

(other kids blurred because it seems the right thing to do).

We head out, and it’s late enough I figure it is time enough to go to the stadium, and after getting twisted around trying to exit the mall area, we get there.

Here the boys are with the city of Columbus in the background as we head up to our seats.

And the view from our seats:

Not a bad view considering we are as far up the stadium as you can get…

(I don’t recall why the youngest is doing the dabb here).

(selfie of me to appease others who wanted a picture of me in the stadium with a smile, showing teeth, and eyes open… all unnatural things for me, lol)

After some time, the Columbus Crew score the first goal of the game… then Montreal scores one in answer. First half ends, we try to look at food and drinks, but the lines are too long, and we got drinks in the car, so we’ll wait.

The second half works out much better for the Crew, as they’d score 3 more unanswered goals… I should point out that every time I’ve been to a Crew game they’ve won…shhh… never mind I’ve only been to them twice, and the Cleveland Monsters lost while we were there…

We get out, and wait in the parking lot what seems an overly long time, but eventually get on the road. The boys both sleep most of the way home (it was a bit after 10 when we left), get home, the oldest goes right to bed, the youngest eats a bit, then goes to bed (it’s near 1:10 AM by that point)…

We all had a really good time. So thanks again to my mother and step father for helping make it possible. Columbus still remains my favorite city, at least for this part of the US, and where I’d live, if I could live out of the area… I did think on the way home that I could perhaps move to Ashland, which would put me about halfway there… I already have to drive 40 minutes to get to the kids from where I am now, so it’d be about the same… and same for work… Something I might have to consider… Anyhow, there was our experience in the fine city of Columbus, with a rather great Columbus Crew game… thanks to the Crew for winning finally (they haven’t had a good year this year… or last year… and I don’t know enough to know if this is problems with coaching, players, or front office).