Well… At Least There Was a Fight

I’ve taken my children to their first professional, of any level, sporting event. While I had planned on that being a Columbus Crew game (MLS soccer), I decided, “Why not Zoidberg?” err… “Why not hockey?” I myself have never been to a hockey game, and the tickets for the game were cheap enough, especially for the seats… a bit cheaper than the soccer tickets will likely be later in the year. I’m a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and by extension and location, their AHL affiliate the Cleveland Monsters. The AHL, for those who may not know, is the American Hockey League, it is the professional league right below the NHL. The Cleveland Monsters won the AHL championship just last year, a short while before the Cavs brought back a major league win for Cleveland. The Monsters haven’t been as great this year…

Anyhow, the boys and I arrived in Cleveland, parked and made our way to the arena, a bit of a long walk, only to discover I didn’t have my wallet. I had left my wallet in the car when I paid parking. So back to the car, then back through the mall and the walkway to the arena. It was now a bit past 7, so we missed the introductions and the start, but it was still the first 5 minutes of the game.

I think our seats were actually pretty nice all things considered.

Our end was the end the Monsters came to first and third periods.

First period and the score was tied at zero. We went and got drinks ($1 each) and hot dogs ($2 each). Second period the Monsters start falling apart and would fall behind 2 to 0. We at least got a fight (sorry, didn’t get a pic of it, in part because it was at the other end of the arena, and because I was busy watching the fight).

Then we got the Monster Hockey Girls.

Third period came, and they’d falter another two points.

Sad to see them lose, and sad it wasn’t as exciting as most hockey games usually are. In retrospect the extra $10 per ticket (if that much) to see the Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus probably would have been money better spent, but we still had a good time, and hopefully the boys had some good memories made. I, for one, am still a Monsters fan, just wish they were doing better this year.

One side issue, was Sidd was a little sick. He took some children’s Tylenol before we left his house, but he still had a rough cough. Probably dampened his enjoyment a bit… that and as I said, it was a bit slower and less exciting than hockey usually is, even Monster hockey, based on streams I’ve watched, and certainly based on Blue Jacket games I’ve watched.

I certainly will still consider a Blue Jackets game, with or without the boys, but the next real planned event is an outing to the Columbus Crew.