Overwatch is Back!

I’m a little late in spreading the news, but the Overwatch beta is back! I still don’t have access (cough, Blizzard, cough) so I still can’t push much content for it yet. Still this means there was some exciting news about it.

First they’ve added a new game mode and maps to go with it. A sort of King of the Hill mode.

There’s a progression system, which I hope to make a video for if I get in, as it is easier to see in action than describe. Basically as you play you level up, this unlocks loot crates that include lots of cosmetic items like skins, voice packs, intros for when you get Play of the Game…

Here is the Developer Update in video form discussing much of the above

The progression system and rewards etc, which they don’t show off in this video, look super exciting and can’t wait to try them.

Also exciting is custom matches where you can make a match of your rules. Don’t like having more than 2 of any one hero? Make it happen. And they’ll watch custom match rules to see what changes they should roll into the main game. The primary advantage for a custom match I think, would be the ability to play with just your viewers or something for us Twitch streamers… I actually haven’t seen this feature used on Twitch yet and is part of why I delayed the post here, I wanted to see more things in action personally, but that I haven’t seen yet.

Anyhow, the beta is back on, and hopefully I’ll be able to get more news out soon.

EDIT: Of course as of the date this was written, 9 February2016  and today 24 February 2016, I still don’t have access to the game… So Blizzard, please, BrianAThomas#1237

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