The Search for New Content

So I’m trying to figure out what sort of content I want to push via my @YouTube channel, as well as my @Twitch channel… and to an extent here until Overwatch comes out (see below with my open letter to Blizzard hoping to get in the first wave) and that content push starts.

Let’s back up. My loose New Years plan was to start pushing more content this year (2015).

The idea is to push at least 30 videos to my YouTube channel at during the year, and to try and not go over 2 weeks between videos.  So far I’ve been more or less on target (EDIT: By mid year that was no longer true, I fell way off, especially coverage of Heroes of the Storm). Sometimes a few days more, sometimes pushing a couple videos in a week. This year has seen 6 videos (2 more that were published late December that I sort of count to the 30 goal, but I’ll skip counting those for the moment since while being 27 and 28 December, they are technically from 2014, though they are under the newer format). So far so good, for the most part.

I also planned to stream at least once a week (for 2 hours or more) on my Twitch channel at:… this one hasn’t gone to plan at all. I haven’t really done much at all there, and what has been done probably doesn’t count.

Then there’s here… while no resolution was really made, I did plan on trying to keep pushing content here… there I’ve also failed. For example by this point I had promised on one of my videos to have an article up about the game Black Desert, but that hasn’t transpired yet… indeed the video that was supposed to come out with that hasn’t even been done yet…

So what does this mean? Where does this leave us?

Well, for one, it is leaves me wondering what sort of content to really push for YouTube, which is where I’m spending most of my energy on. I’m not looking to make a living with YouTube, this site and Twitch, though it’d be nice to supplement, or at the very least have them pay their expenses (hosting fees, licence fees, etc). Anyhow, given I’m not looking to make a full living just off it, though if that happened, bonus, I can really still play what I want to play and make content for what I enjoy and not worry about if it’ll pull ad revenue to a video or not. Heck many of the videos planned can’t be monetized, or at least are questionable at best if they can be (such as the Black Desert videos).

So here are the games I’m presently thinking about and how they apply in terms of both YouTube, Twitch and here…. at least until Overwatch of course… which is also on the list…

  • Heroes of the Storm (@BlizzHeroes, #HeroesOfTheStorm)… I started covering Heroes back in March of 2014 with my open letter to Blizzard, begging to get me into Heroes of the Storm (no surprise that didn’t work, though I got in eventually via a regular wave), another early one on Keeping Up with Heroes of the Storm, and then rightfully defended the game when people were complaining the Sky is Falling on the Heroes of the Storm Hype Train. Those were all in March of 2014… since then nothing here. I got access on the wave that went out 25 November 2014 and it took until 23 January 2015 to actually put out my first video… really bad on my part as I am a huge fan of Blizzard. Simple fact is it took me time to actually play the game from when I got in. This is NOT a mistake I’ll repeat once I’m in the Overwatch beta (assuming there’s no NDA) as that one I will push content for ASAP, but more on that later. Anyhow, there are a few problems with pushing content for it…
  • Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch, #Overwatch)… I can’t even begin to describe my excitement for this title, it is after all what this post is mostly about, stuff to do until it comes out… As soon as it was announced I was on the Blizzard page and signing up for the beta… it still said something like “unannounced Blizzard game” or something like that where they’d put the title a few hours later. I’ve already posted one article on it that still holds the top spot on my blog here, about Blizzard Reveals Their New Franchise – A New Game I Want ASAP.
    If you look at my YouTube and Twitch, they both are heavily influenced by Overwatch. My Twitch stream notifications are all Overwatch based, somebody follows my Twitch channel while I’m live? Tracer says “whathca lookin at?”, if somebody hosts me, Tracer says “Don’t worry loves, cavalry’s here.” Heck my Twitter and my Facebook also features Overwatch screenshots for their headers…I may be a bit to overexcited…
    Odds are I won’t make it into the first few waves… it would be great if anyone over at Blizzard Entertainment could make sure I got in the first wave for media purposes, to help a small guy out… but that’s fairly unlikely…
    Though in the unlikely event Blizzard is reading this, and it is possible to do so, then please do put me in that first wave… And as I said in the front page story about Overwatch linked above, I’d sign an NDA if it would help me get in now to help you… of course that means once the NDA drops I’d be in a more knowledgeable position to make content. 🙂
    Seriously though, as soon as I can make content for this, I WILL be making content for this. It may be just match videos, and streams, but I will be pushing this big time…Anyhow the plan is that once I’m in, and assuming there is no NDA stopping me, I’ll push content to both YouTube and Twitch… I may even push content here for it as it is more my style game. I’d love to make hero profile videos and content here… we’ll have to see what I can do once I’m in and can actually release content.
  •  Gigantic (@GoGigantic, #GoGigantic). This title is in alpha/early beta. I’m not in it and it is presently under NDA. However, if I get in, I’d make content for it as soon as the NDA dropped…. Pretty hyped about this one too now. Perhaps not as much as my Overwatch hype, but it’s WAY up there.
    EDIT: I actually was in, but the NDA at the time prevented from saying so. That part of the NDA dropped, we can say we are in but can’t discuss the game. Plans for steaming or making videos of that title however stalled by their move to Windows 10 which I don’t have yet (yeah, it’s free, and I will upgrade while it’s free, I just haven’t yet).
  • Black Desert (#BlackDesert) – Great, fun Korean MMO. I’ve already done four videos on this game already, and do plan on delivering my long promised video on the Beast Master… not exactly sure what about her though I’ll cover, which is the tricky part. I haven’t played much of late as I’d like… part of it is the language barrier (I know there’s at least one if not two English patch(es) out for it), but mostly just haven’t really set time to play it over watching Twitch and YouTube and otherwise wasting time. I don’t feel comfortable monetizing them for a variety of reasons, though I probably will once I start making ones for the North American client once that is able to be tested. No link to the game as the publisher hasn’t setup a US site yet.
  • Cities Skylines (@Cities_PDX). Lose plan here is to make a city for Twitch and another for YouTube. I’ll use the Twitch one as more or less practice, and the YouTube series (at least 2 or 3, hopefully more, but I don’t know how far I’m going yet with it) as the more serious one. That said, I might make Neighborhoods named after viewers in the Twitch one… for some interaction thing. Like a giveaway to win your name in my Twitch city. Lol. Fun exciting prize to be sure. 🙂
    EDIT: That sort of fell through.
  • Skyforge (@GodsOfSkyforge, #Skyforge). This is coming up on closed beta, and there is an NDA in place, but in a few cases one can stream or make videos for it. I’ll certainly make videos and perhaps stream it when DocGotGame isn’t streaming it, IF I can… otherwise I know there’ll be plenty of other good content makers for it. If I can’t get permission to do content, I’ll do it after the NDA lifts.
    EDIT: I’ve got direct permission from them to make content, so… I will…
  • Dreadnought (@playdreadnought, #Dreadnough)… Like most of the above, depends on getting in and when any NDA lifts. I mean, big ships battling each other. My 10 year old freaked out when he saw the game play for the first time… then again so did I, just months earlier. Lol.
  • Diablo 3 (@Diablo, #Diablo3). As I noted before, I like Blizzard and this is a good Blizzard game. I personally liked it a lot better after they fixed lots of issues with the Reaper of Souls expansion. Despite my Blizzard love, prior to Reaper of Souls I probably would have said Path of Exile, indeed I made a YouTube video about it (BT Waits for GW2 PT 3 – Path of Exile) back in July of 2012… but I think that for the purpose of new content, I’d likely focus on D3 over Path of Exile. Either way they would likely be Twitch stream only as I’m not sure how to reduce the content down to a YouTube video… Both are great games though… Path of Exile is brutal hard though. Anyhow, likely to be Twitch focused.
  • Who knows what else may come up. The above games are the big pushes for the near future. I may also do some more iOS game play with Vain Glory (@VainGlory, #VainGlory) and who knows what else. Minecraft will continue to be played off and on, and will continue to get both Twitch and YouTube time. I may also stream directly from my XBox One on occasion…
    Of course there is also Hearthstone (@PlayHearthstone, #Hearthstone), which is free and you should be playing already… I’m horrible at it, but perhaps a Teach BT to Play stream could be done?Just follow me on my Twitch and YouTube and you’ll stay up to date… also on my Twitter @BrianAThomas.
  • Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2, #GuildWars2)… you may have noticed that in my section about Diablo 3, my Path of Exile video has Guild Wars 2 in the title… I was super hyped about the game. Loved playing it, but never really made content for it. I re-rolled my character and may finally make the content I was planning. While I was originally going to do YouTube, I might just do occasional Twitch streams… perhaps cover a cool event or something on YouTube but for the most part this one won’t get much coverage… though who knows what will happen after the Heart of Thorns expansion ships?  Anyhow a Twitch streamer I watch and am an honorary mod is playing it fairly heavy now..
  • Former titles such as Arche Age won’t be seen again either on my YouTube or Twitch. ZMR, might be back for some fun in between stuff on Twitch, not likely on YouTube.

So that is basically where my mind is at with the content creation push….  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing while I wait to be able to make Overwatch content…

(This article basically means to be my own tweet of sorts, but is far beyond the character limit of Twitter, so there that why there are some Twitter links throughout the article. EDIT: They ended up not showing up on Twitter as I hoped.)