Sylvanas Windrunner Coming to Heroes of the Storm?! Squeee!

Sadly this was too much to hope for, she’s coming but not in the announced four. Details after the initial article.

Blizzard recently released the image saved as a featured image to this article to highlight some of what to expect at PAX East come 11-13 April 2014. The highlight for me was Sylvanas Windrunner being featured on the image… She’s one of my favorite WoW characters and the one I most hoped to see in the game. The picture notes they will reveal 4 new heroes at the convention, while showing Sylvanas Windrunner and what appears to be a Diablo 3 Barbarian with Nova from Starcraft II who’s already in the game. One would hope Blizzard isn’t yanking our chain here and actually putting her (Sylvanas Windrunner) in the game.

As I noted with my article about how some say the hype is falling on Heroes of the Storm, I’m expecting some other big news from PAX beyond hero reveals. It would be nice if we see or hear about more maps, but the news I’m really expecting to hit is an idea on when closed beta will start… not that I’ll probably make it in the closed beta either, but at least it would be that much closer to reality.

Check out the full details of Blizzard’s PAX East 2014 Preview for Heroes of the Storm… or at least what they’re talking about so far at the link there.

EDIT 11 April 2014

She’s coming, but despite being on that image, she’s not in the four characters announced. We are getting a Murlock which sounds interesting. A Murlock has to be the most difficult thing to balance for the game. Blizzard has posted a nice recap of PAX East: Day 1. As of this edit (about 7:40 am Easter Daylight Time) I haven’t watched the panel, but getting ready to do so now.

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As noted before, Heroes of the Storm will be free to play, but you can play Diablo 3

Or see Sylvanas Windrunner in her game:

That includes all the WoW expansions except

and the upcoming expansion that will be out late this year.