More Content Coming Soon

I said before that I was going to slow down the gaming content, but since then I’ve done nearly anything but game related posts, and in all honesty too little content. That’s all about to change.

I’m a gamer, so most of the posts will be gaming related. Be it board games, LCGs, or video games. My ideal job would be in the gaming industry, and aside from a few “what the heck why not” applications to testing/PR/Community Management type positions, I haven’t made a real serious effort to that end. So time to step up efforts, to prove myself to the gaming press and gaming industry that I can be a valued member of their teams. So I am going to try and create more content, both here and on my YouTube channel, and perhaps even my Twitch channel. The eventual goal is to either support myself via here, YouTube and possibly Twitch (bandwidth issues at the moment prevent going full steam at Twitch), or as noted, prove myself to the gaming press and gaming industry and get a job in the press, press relations, community management, testing or even development.

So watch for more gaming content coming to this blog soon. Let’s face it, as a gamer at heart and spirit, not posting about it is a disservice to whom I am and if this blog is a reflection of me, then it should be honest and reflect my passion for gaming.