ESO and WildStar

Okay, now that both are out of NDA, I can safely talk about Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and WildStar. This is going to be a very short post, I might post a longer reflection at some later time, but these are the initial thoughts I’ve had on my head for a while and wanted to share, and now that I’ve decided to up the gaming content on this site, now seemed a good time to push this out.

Both are good games. Both are worth the $60 entry… however… based on the closed beta and open beta weekends with ESO, I’m not sold on the game for a subscription. It strikes me very much as a multi-player Skyrim, which in of itself isn’t bad. The game looks great. It plays okay too, and I generally solo in MMOs anyhow, but nothing made me say, this is worth $15 a month. I think it would be a great buy if it followed the Guild Wars 2 model of buy the game and play whenever you want. The only bad thing about the game was the level grind… it takes forever to gain levels. The content ramp isn’t bad and keeps pace, but still, the long time it takes to reach level 10 for example just doesn’t feel worth it. Again, if one could just jump in whenever ala GW2, it might be slightly okay, but even then it was rather painful. The game will appealy highly to people who love Skyrim and have tons of hours into that game, but not sure the audience beyond that is big enough to support the game on its current model.

Wildstar sets itself apart from the standard MMO by going sci-fi and a great deal of humor. The game, doesn’t break new ground, but what it does do, it takes many of the best elements of other MMOs and rolls it into a great game. The animation style doesn’t appeal to many, but I personally enjoy it. I fully enjoyed the humor, there are plenty of serious MMOs to play if that’s what I wanted. I really like the skill system rather than the old traditional tab attack format. Really there was a great deal of stuff to fully enjoy about this game. I have very high hopes about the game, yeah, it would be better if it used the GW2 model as well, but I think it will hold onto the subscription model longer than ESO for sure.

As I said, this is just a brief overview. I’ll come back later and make new posts about the games later on, especially Wildstar since I’ll be playing that heavily… at least when I’m not playing Titanfall… and Heroes of the Storm if I ever luck out and get into one of the waves of that…

Buy them!

Feel free to upgrade these to deluxe versions if you want…