MMOBuff Contest Entry – Favorite Wildstar Path

So the folks over at MMOBuff, one of the channels I watch on Twitch and YouTube, are having a Twitter contest to see what are people’s favorite, WildStar Path is. Sadly Twitter has a 140 character limit which isn’t nearly enough to actually discuss such things.

MMOBuff, if you are reading this, skip this paragraph as I need to discuss the game very briefly with my normal readers… I’ve discussed WildStar briefly in my last MMO Update. Basically WildStar is an exciting new science fiction MMO coming from Carbine Studios and published by NCSoft. In it, an old race called the Elden have abandoned (or at least so far as we know) their planet Nexus, which was just recently discovered. They left behind lots of technology and secrets, so now there is a mass race to find them all. The game is split among two factions. The Exiles, a group of refugees and refugees, outlaws and umm…exiles, and the Dominion who are the galactic empire. Each faction splits into four playable races… rather than take too much time, here’s a couple trailers to check out, they help show the humor of the game: What is WildStar?, WildStar Official Trailer, WildStar Flick: Classes, and WildStar Flick: Paths which is sort of what this whole contest thingy is about, to which end…

First I tend to be an altaholic, so I’m sure I’ll do all of them… many… many times. But my main, she’ll be a Scientist. Why? In a word Lore. I love diving deep into a game’s lore, finding how creative the designers made their game’s world. Plus I dig science anyhow. Plus one of my favorite things in WoW was Archaeology, and Scientist seems to offer a bit of that with the scanning and such… Sure Explorer might fit that a bit better, but I think Scientist does it well too. It may not be as helpful as Settler (my second choice) to my guild mates and other players, but my main tends to be more a solo thing anyhow. I also tend to be a completionist, and while Explorer would be best for that, the Scientist path I feel will take me far enough off the beaten path to satisfy that itch without having to do a bunch of jumping puzzles (I tend to fail those, at least in GW2)… so Explorer would be 3rd… well… more like tied for second. Anyhow. I really like the idea of exploring the world, scanning things, analyzing them. Putting the puzzle of Nexus together in my head. What’s not to love?

So that there is my basic entry, 1104 character long, a bit over Twitter’s 140 character limit. I hope you have enjoyed the entry and will keep my fingers crossed.

Now to decide if my main will be Aurin or Mordesh, and if she’ll be an Engineer or Medic (DPS sided)… or Esper… oh choices, at least I have the path figured out. 🙂

EDIT: For my regular readers, I’ve asked Carbine for a Press Pass so that if I get in I can stream (not likely given my current Internet/PC specs, though I hope to improve PC Specs at least soon), make YouTube videos and post screenshots, but I don’t know if I have the reach needed to get such a thing… but we’ll see.

EDIT 2: MMOBuff, if you have Press Pass connections beyond red phone (I already contacted that one, though if you are in good with him/her…), if you could get me hooked up (after I get access of course 🙂 ) I’d much appreciate it… though my friend DocGotGame, would probably be a better choice since his energy, humor and high entertainment value is a perfect match for the game. I just got this silly website and my YouTube channel where I’d post any content I get. I got a Twitch Channel myself, but I don’t stream much as my upload speed isn’t ideal at the moment. Of course if I got a press pass I might try to upgrade that with the new PC, but might not happen so other content mostly.

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  1. Hi Brian!

    Well thats a first – someone wrote a blog post with us in 🙂 – and its well written! I am glad you enjoy the shows and I will be keeping an eye on the blog.

    You probably have mail. You may possibly like the content. Also to anyone else who decides to mention us in a blog post – whilst we will probably appreciate it (unless you decide to compare us unfavourably with a Rhino’s left kneecap or shout the word ‘Crankshaft’ repeatedly), its not a fast pass to a Beta key!

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