3 thoughts on “Tom Vasel Finally Reviews Netrunner”

  1. Ice and Ice Breakers are at the heart of Android: Netrunner. Ice is used to block the runner’s attempts when they make a run on a server where the cards are installed. The Runner uses Ice Breakers to – surprise – break through the Ice. Ice has varying costs to Rez (activate) and strengths. Once the Runner has matched the strength of the Ice by paying credits they move onto the Subroutines. Subroutines can cause Net or Meat damage (randomly discard from the Runner’s hand) to Ending the Run on that server. Once the Runner has gotten through a piece or pieces of Ice they may access the installed cards. This is where a bluffing aspect of the game comes in. The installed cards can be Agendas worth points, Assets which are bad for the Runner or Upgrades to that server.

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