Clara is the TARDIS

I have an idea on Clara.

SPOILERS for the Season finale of Doctor Who.

I for one don’t think the season finale of Doctor Who puts off the idea of Clara being the Doctor’s Daughter, Jenny. However, I think River’s statement about how she was linked to Clara and was still there makes it more likely that she is the Tardis in human form (again). When we last met the Tardis in human form, the Doctor said he stole her, but she said she stole him, and in this episode she tells the first Doctor not to take the TARDIS he was about to take, but to take the one next to her.

She enters the time stream and sees all 11 of the Doctor’s incarnations, but not John Hurt’s, which makes Smith the 12th Doctor…and Hurt the 9th (bumping Eccleston to the 10th), but raises a new question of why only 11 incarnations? What about ones past Smith? Smith being the 12 Doctor suggests there is at least one more past him, so why did she only see 11, does he stop calling himself the Doctor after Smith? Unlikely… I guess we’ll get some answers come November.

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  1. While the Doctor searches for the hotel security room, he stumbles across his own door, Room 11, but is hardly surprised by what he sees inside. Unlike the others, who heard voices telling them to praise the Minotaur, the Doctor’s will proves stronger, allowing him to not fall victim. Rita continues wandering the hotel; when the Doctor finally locates the security room, he spots her on the footage and questions what she’s doing. He uses one of the room phones to contact her, realising that she has begun to “praise him” and is now trying to keep everyone safe. Knowing that the Doctor cannot rescue her no matter what, she asks to die in private because she wants him to remember her the way she was — before she was robbed of her faith. As the Minotaur rounds the corner towards her, she hangs up on the Doctor, who heeds her last request and shuts off the security camera just as she is about to be killed.

  2. Season 11 was the latest season to be subject to the BBC’s then-current policy of junking old episodes. For reasons unknown, only the first episodes of Invasion of the Dinosaurs and Death to the Daleks were erased; copies of both episodes were later reacquired.

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