Ari – Aspergers and Sidd

For the friends and family who don’t follow me on Facebook. It has been a while since I’ve updated about the boys.

It is official. Ari has Asperger Syndrome and ADHD. He’ll be seeing a psychiatrist about the ADHD and whatever medication they decide on in July. Meanwhile his school, with the help of the local school district is working on an IEP. We are not sure yet if we’ll keep him at his present day school or put him in the local school district. His school now has had him for a long time and would like to keep him and they are willing to work with him, but it requires an hour long bus ride, twice a day, and the local school would mean local friends. Otherwise he is doing well.

Sidd meanwhile has shown signs of language delays, but is a very loving child and fairly smart. He is obsessed with Angry Birds at the moment. He plays it on my computer a lot, and when he’s not playing it on the computer he is setting up blocks, calling them pigs and then throws or pretends to throw another block into the pigs knocking them over… very often with the “ouch ouch ouch” of the bird hitting past the pig…

I really need to get some pictures of them uploaded sometime soon, but I don’t have too many due to a lack of a camera… if only somebody was having a birthday soon… *cough *cough Brian’s Wishlist *cough… sorry something got stuck in my throat… 🙂