Present Thoughts on SWTOR

So it has been a while since I talked about Star Wars: The Old Republic… and the simple reason is that I decided to take a break. I still think it is a great game and well worth the money to get, and even the $15 a month fee, but at this time I don’t have as much time available to play as I would like to really justify the $15 a month. It is the lack of time why I moved Star Wars: The Old Republic 60-Day Pre-paid Time Card down on my Amazon Wishlist… it is still there, but down in priority for the moment.
That all said, I did get to play the new Legacy update as they had a free weekend right after it to try and get us back in the game. The game still a great deal of fun, but I felt the connections available in the Legacy were wanting. The perks are cool, but the direct connections are where I was slightly disappointed.
Let me explain. I have three Rattataki, one of which is my main. They are all siblings. I then have a human and a Twi’lek. I wanted all these to link off my main… but I can’t as I wanted. I can link her siblings to her, but then I can’t make the human and Twi’lek friends of hers, they have to be friends or enemies of one of the others. In my mind I had the connections between those race two as friends of two of the Rattatakies, but at least one of them an enemy of the other… Ideally I would have liked to link the three Rattataki to an un-named parent(s), who had these three kids, one who went dark side, the other two fairly light to middle of the road, this causes strain on the family… the Twi’lek meanwhile was the child of some Twi’lek slaves of the family and childhood friend to the main characters, and she got away or something along those lines. The human became a friend to my main later. But none of that is possible as they have it setup now. Now the main is linked to the two others Rattataki as siblings, and then each of them get one of the others characters as a friend or enemy.. but I really wanted to share those friend relationships between some of them… I can still role play it that way, but it would have been nice had the Legacy system allowed such connections on the tree… still a minor complaint and when I have the time again, I’ll be wanting some of those time cards to play the game more.
In the meantime I’ll play Guild Wars 2 which is free to play… well if you own the game as I do already it is free to play. No monthly fee… I think this is a near ideal model to run such games on. It isn’t a full free to play like Star Trek or Lord of the Rings in that you can download the game for free and play for free, you still have to buy the game, but then it is free to play, with some of the free to play like elements still in the game in that you can pay cash for some upgrades. I get to play the game this weekend, so I’ll give my thoughts on it after that. Anyhow, the lack of a monthly fee makes the game sort of ideal if you don’t think you are getting a monthly fee worth of time in the game and just pick it up for a few hours here and there… then again, $15 is fairly cheap compared to say going to a movie even with only a couple to a few hours a week… so it is all a question of perspective I guess… for me at this time, I felt like a break from SWTOR would be good… I will be back however.