Newt… and Christians

Apparently, Newt “Lets Return to the days of child labor” Gingrich is no longer running for President of the United States, but Emperor, since he plans on ignoring any Supreme Court ruling he disagrees with and therefor ignore the Constitution and the balance of power between the 3 branches.

It’s the fact that people like Newt can be a front runner that I could never be a Christian again. Almost all evangelical Christians are Republican. The people who take the most literal interpretation of the Bible vote for a party that runs 100% contrary to the teachings of Jesus. If they voted the way Jesus would,we would be trying to help the sick and the poor, not the wealthy and money lenders, they would be the ones trying to enforce the separation of church and state and we would have universal health care. But no, they want to vote for a guy who thinks people are poor because they are lazy and we need to make their kids work to teach them not to be lazy, that people become wealthy (which itself is contrary to the teaching of Jesus, though he doesn’t want them to be poor, contrary to some teachings) exclusively through hard work, ignore the fact they get their wealth by stealing the money earned by the labor of others (aka, the poor). They despise the 600+ people who don’t have a job locally (there are far more than 600 unemployed in the area, but I am speaking of one specific group), and praise the wealthy person who used to employ them, even though he fired them and denied the rest of his employees raises for two years just so he could have a jet and another mansion.

Sure, there are a few rare Christians who are actually appalled by the actions of modern day Republicans and the Christian right, but they are few… and they would say it isn’t fair to blame Christianity, or God/Jesus for the fact that a mass majority of Christians are acting the way they are. But you can blame God. If God was real, if he was the loving/caring God that they claim, he would speak to them. He apparently does and tells everyone a conflicting version. This of course the Christians blame on the fallibility of people not hearing him right, but here it is the vast majority hearing him wrong, or at least in direct conflict with what was taught in the Bible we have today… heck it conflicts with a great deal of what was taught in the books that weren’t included in the end. Heck there are tons of errors in a book that many take literal and made by an infallible God (oh, but the people who wrote it for him, or copied it made those errors). So who then is to say that the people who picked the books to be included didn’t make errors? Perhaps God wanted some of those included, but no, the Bible is the way God wanted… as to which Bible is the way God wanted it is up for debate since the Catholic Bible doesn’t match the Protestant Bible.

An example of copy errors made in the Bible:

They ignore the fact that almost all prayer is never answered. Even reasonable, compassionate prayer. I don’t expect God to help somebody win the lottery, or do something that conflicts with the Bible. But reasonable ones, like not dying of cancer (“but God doesn’t promise we won’t have hardships”… convenient enough), or being able to feed your kids this week. If somebody delivered on promises and calls for help as well as God does, they would ignore that person, but God they stick with, because while he fails all his Earthly promises, the promise of Heaven he’ll keep… So they suffer on Earth for the promise of a better life in heaven… where they will have to praise God 24/7 for all he has done… WTF? Thanks for letting me suffer on Earth so I could praise you in heaven 24/7… wait, what is the point? You have the angels that could do that… they don’t have free will? Bull shit, Lucifer and a third of heaven made a choice, so they clearly have free will.

One could say that it isn’t God messing up, just man, and I could perhaps get my faith back if a few key things happened, but I could never go back to church and be around these sick, demented people who don’t care about the sick and the poor, and just care about what impact helping those sick and poor would have on their wallet, and rather help themselves and the money lenders, because, that is who the church says to care about, the church itself will take care of sick and the poor once enough rich people are in the church to aid them…

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  1. There are hints in the Bible that young children who die will go to heaven since they aren’t old enough to be accountable for their actions. If so, it would explain why God allows young children to die. It may also be that he foreknows that many will suffer more if left on earth; although it may be that his ideal is that they live and lead a life of godly influence on others, doing good in their communities, which the Bible instructs Christians to do.

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