UPDATE – SWTOR Preorder Woe

UPDATE 3 (14 Dec 11pm EST) – The issue has been resolved. I just got an email saying thank you for registering your Pre-Order Code. Thank you to the Star Wars: The Old Republic customer service team and specifically whomever fixed it! I still can’t post to the official forums to offer help based on my experiences, but it is showing up on the accounts pages which was the main concern, and the forum issue will only be a problem if it keeps going past the 20th, though I would hope it resolves by the time my Early Access starts (which should be Friday at the earliest).

Well, not everything is honky dory in Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-order land for me. I ordered the Digital Standard Edtion fine back on the morning of December 9th. Then I followed the procedure to redeem my pre-order code so I could start my early access (UPDATE – if this gets fixed I should get my early access email on Friday telling me when I can get in) and made it to the congratulations screen. However, on my account screen it still shows I haven’t registered my pre-order on either the games screen (which says to register) or the Code Redemption page which shows no codes redeemed, so I might not be able to get in early. I’ve emailed the support team at SWTOR, but no results yet. I chatted with the people at Origin, where I pre-ordered the game, and everything is okay on their end and they sent me back to the SWTOR people. What is more disturbing is that they got back to me super fast initially, but now it has been like 24 hours since they last communicated with me and early access starts soon, and it is based on when you put in your code. There was no chance of getting in on the 13th this late in the year anyhow, but now, unless they fix the code put in originally, it will not have counted for the 9th, but whenever they resolve the issue and give me a new code, or fix the code I put in back when, which may increase the time until I can get in… it is very frustrating. It would be nice to at least hear from them saying they have a lead or something… In the end I’ll be in on the 20th anyhow, since the actual order itself is fine, and I’ll get my retail code from Origin on the 16th or so, which allows me to get in on the 20th, but the early access code is what is at issue here and the whole point of pre-ordering was the early access.

UPDATE – Still no official resolution, but over at OldRepublic.Net there is an Anyone else unable to post on Official Forums? post with somebody else with the same basic issue. They managed to get another pre-order code from customer service, put it in, and got a message that the account already had a pre-order code. Seems that people who ordered and put in their codes on the 8th and 9th had this issue. Why the official responses don’t mention this I don’t know. So there is a good chance that anyone else having the issue is okay.

What is driving me crazy with the Official Forums is that you have people posting to the customer service area that they have pre-order code issues… if you can post to the official forums from your own account, you don’t have any issues, you can’t get to the forums if you don’t have a valid pre-order code put in. They really need to make a Sticky message about that to cut down on the millions of threads about people have pre-order code issues. Of course those of us who might have real pre-order issues can’t post about it there… and people never read Stickies anyhow. 🙂

There is a thread about this at the official forums as well: Pre Order Code Not in History / Forum Access? where it again seems largely due to Origin orders that people did on the 8th or 9th… Something went funky for a while there.