SWTOR – After Launch

Like most MMOs, Star Wars: The Old Republic will need new content after launch to keep players in the game. World of Warcraft regularly adds Content Patches. These expand the content of the game… sort of mini-expansions, and at least in the case of WoW, adds up to nearly a full expansion by the time they do release a new expansion the players have to pay for. Seems SWTOR is going down the same path, which is good news.

 Posted by: James Ohlen
I think so. Right now, we have a legacy system in place to encourage and reward players for trying out new classes and seeing new storylines. So there’s a lot of content there to entertain those players who like to play the “level-up game.” On the other hand, there are high-level players who are focused on bringing one character to level 50, and those guys are going to be our main focus for new content. We’re going to be producing new flashpoints, new operations, new warzones, and even new single-player content for our highest leveled characters. We already have multiple teams working on that as we speak, and they’ve got a bunch of flashpoints and operations in the can.

We’re also not shrinking the content team at all, and we have a huge content team. Our content team is essentially bigger than… well… I’ll just say we have a big content team, how about that! [laughs] We have a very big content team and those guys will continue to work on delivering a regular cadence of high-level content. I can’t talk exactly about our delivery schedule, but I can say that within a month of shipping the game, we want to have more high-level content being delivered into the game. We’re going to continue to deliver high-level content after that and for the foreseeable future, basically. It’s obviously important to us. We want to keep people playing the game, so it’s in our best interest to keep doing that.

Of course I’ll likely not be a high level character myself by that point as I tend to be an altoholic and level several characters up to a point then do another and another, switching “mains” and never getting any up to any high levels… Hopefully that changes this time. 🙂