My Thoughts on GamePro’s Review of Star Wars: The Old Republic

The folks at GamePro gave a video review of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’ll let you check it out before I rip into them… at least the one guy.

The ladies seem okay so there is nothing to say about them… save some of the YouTube commentators were overly rude to the one lady.

The one guy we only see a couple of times and complains about the character creation being too limited and wanting more aliens and complains about the Miraluka being just humans with blindfolds on… and Zabrak are just humans with horns… It would seem he isn’t very familiar with the expanded universe as a couple of the races aren’t in the movies at all, and some others are just featured in the background. I know what he means however, the races being used on release are perhaps “overly humanoid”. As I noted before, there is no Rodian, there are no Ithorians, Mon Calamaris or Wookies as playable characters. I would expect some of those to come up in either content patches or more likely expansions as that is the model established by WoW. That said I think the character customization is fine within the limits of an MMO. You cannot have the same degree of customization in an MMO as you could with Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Also the humanoid form of aliens has been a problem with TV/Movie based Sci-fi for some time and is something we just have to accept for the time being, so that this game has them isn’t an issue, it is a built in limitation of the universe it is set in. It also allows people to more readily accept and immerse themselves in the character than if it was a some tri-legged creature, or intelligent worm like thing…

Okay so now we get to the one guy who just seems to really hate the game.
He felt he wasn’t part of the game, just following along… really? He finds WoW more immersive than this? He notes at one point about the Death Knight quest line in WoW as being done right. The problem is, that to play a Death Knight at all you have to first grind a character up to level 55, and it was a grind when the DK first came out. The thing the Death Knight starter area does right is that it was instanced. That is the zone actually changed as you progressed through it which helps push the story. But for a long time, it was the only zone that was like that. As a matter of fact it was only Cataclysm that brought it to other areas, and then for the most part just to the new races. Could SWTOR have used that? Yes. The starting zones should have been more instance based than just generic starting zones. But I felt part of the story and not just a spectator.
He also complains about the cut scenes. He wants just to know what to do and go out and do the quest and not listen to them talk… which makes me wonder if he was tuning out there then perhaps that is why he didn’t feel connected to the story. I liked the cut scenes. I think that the fact that they want every quest to have spoken dialog does limit the number of quests we could have had otherwise, but it still is good. I can see wanting to skip it, especially if you are rolling an Alt, which is part of why I wanted flavor text in the quest log, but it is one of the main selling points of the game, and is what helps drive the story, otherwise it is sort of just like playing WoW, skipping the flavor text and just running out and doing the grind. The cinematic and story is what helps set it apart from WoW. Would it be nice to be able to skip if you are impatient? Perhaps, but then what is the point of playing a game like this?
I just don’t get how you can say you are just passively watching the story play out in this game and not part of the story…
The guy complains about grind, but seems to love WoW… seriously, talk about grinding. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy WoW, I’ll likely keep playing the free version and just roll new alts when I hit 20, but the game isn’t as fun anymore…

I agree with some that you can’t compare SWTOR beta with WoW beta 7 years ago. They had years of watching WoW and Guild Wars and the others to learn how to make it better. I am sure some issues will be dealt with before launch and others in the months following it. I personally found the game engaging and I look forward to playing it for many hours… now if I can just get somebody to preorder it for me (and give me my pre-order code on the receipt) so I can get in early… because the sooner I am in the game the better. The one guy can have WoW and Rift if he wants, as for me and my house we’ll be playing SWTOR.

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on GamePro’s Review of Star Wars: The Old Republic”

  1. IT seems gamepro was right. the game was garbage and has a really hard time retaining players which is why they went F2P

    1. I wouldn’t say the game was garbage, but it does loose its appeal. I think they probably should have followed the GW2 model, and made it Buy to Play with the cash shop… that way player retainership wouldn’t have been an issue. I mean I got $50 to $60 worth of gameplay out of it for sure.

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