Christmas 2010 Lists

Work has started for the Wishlists’s at
When viewing the lists, be sure to sort by Priority, as the default is by date added, which isn’t related at all…
Brian’s Wishlist
The Kids’s Wishlist (mostly Ari at the moment, Sidd is sort of young, doesn’t want too many specific things… actually any specific things, just 2 year old toys).
Post Christmas update: Ari got the Giant Battle Arena and of the Special Forces hamsters he got Stonewall and the Thunder Strike armor, and among the Ninga Warriors he got Azer and the Dark Jonin armor. Don’t go for a tank armor… probably some of the training grounds followed by the base/HQ and then perhaps more hamsters…

A third list is Critical Thinking books for the kids and for me on how to raise them to be free, critical thinkers, put on its own list since I know there is undoubtedly some objection to critical thinking among some… Critical Thinking List

EDIT 2: I probably should put a list up of stuff I would get for Sara. While we are no longer married, I know plenty may want to get her something.
Sara’s List