Dear Blizzard, Why I Should Have a Cataclysm Beta Key

My Dearest Blizzard, I hope this letter finds you well. This is a busy time for you. Tonight at midnight you release Starcraft II to the world (my son is a huge fan of Starcraft I)… and then starting this week hopefully, some of the fan sites will be giving out Beta keys for the World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm of which I of course want to be a part of. My favorite WoW podcast, The Instance, is giving one a day away for 25 days, WoWJuJu is giving some away, Ace3 is giving WoW addon authors a chance to get a key (I am alpha testing an addon that uses Ace3, but not an active developer myself). So I know you have lots going on. But I gotta ask for a favor if I may. I would like to have a key or two myself please.

I may be a bit of a WoW noob, but all the more reason to give me a key, testing from a noob may provide feedback that the hardcore people can’t give you. Plus it helps give me an edge over them on release day. 🙂
I do have testing experience, I tested Eve Online, I ran a fan for Mortyr called the Mortyr Network (long since shut down) and got a mention in their manual. For Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, I found a solution to an issue and got thanked in the Official FAQ. That is just some of my work so far. Imagine what I could do for you!
Now what I need is at least one key, preferably two (for a friend of a friend in the same house with me who is really into WoW). More keys than that… well then there probably would have to be a giveaway… (with Mortyr Network I gave lots of cool stuff, no beta keys, but shirts, copies of the game, etc. that the devs sent me). The third key, if I was to get one, would probably go to the developer of the add-on I am testing and contributing to if she hasn’t got one by that point.
Plus, I am a nice guy. 🙂

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