Next Round of Cataclysm Beta Invites Going Out Soon is reporting that next round of Cataclysm beta invites are going out soon with the usual warning not to click any links in any email you get, to log into your account and check for your self. Most of the emails that are phishing, install keyloggers, trojans, and the like look like official invites.
Here is Blizzard’s official take:
[bluepost]We hope to distribute additional invites to the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta sometime this week, possibly as soon as late Tuesday or Wednesday. This is only an estimate, though, so the schedule may change and, as a result, invites could be distributed earlier or later than anticipated. Either way, we’ll work to keep you as updated as possible. :)[/bluepost]
For those who might be behind on the news… Blizzard is getting ready to release their next expansion for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Right now they are doing what is known as Beta testing, where they invite a select group of people to test their software. In this case the goal is to test the new client with a vast number of different computer systems so that they can work out any issues with it before they release the game, and to test the new races, class/race combos, talent systems, dungeons, quests, etc. While in beta, lots of things can be flaky or just not work. For example, last I heard the Worgen female wasn’t available for people to roll yet as they are still working out issues there.
Blizzard, if you are there. Please… pretty please… with sugar on top. Of course the email to this account isn’t what the email is for the account, so I guess that makes it a bit harder to say, oh sure, lets toss one to that blogger… 🙂

For those who have been living under a rock and/or otherwise don’t know what World of Warcraft is. It is an online rollplaying game played by millions around the world. You create a character, do quests, go into dungeons with other players, fight other players and more. It is a really fun time. As we don’t have cable TV, Netflix or much of any other sources of entertainment aside from what can be provided via the Internet and books, it is a great source of entertainment value and cheaper than those as well.
Here is the character I have been playing most lately:
[wowcd character=”Sthel”]

I would post more, but I am need to get to work.