Quick Update on Ari, Sidd and Me

It has been over a year since I last updated on Ari and/or Sidd. So let us get caught up.
Ari went to Kindergarten last year. He seemed to enjoy it. Made some school friends and some bus friends, and a few kids who pick on him… for whom he wishes were never born. He grown more and more head strong, which gets him into all sorts of trouble. He is still super bright, though he seems to have a bit of the ADHD and most likely Aspergers. He loves video games, making his own levels for games, and Lego Bionicles.
Sidd is now over a year old. Still refuses to walk or talk… he makes sounds and we have learned what some of them are, but he doesn’t really say “ma”, “da” or “ba”. He will say “Ummm” which can mean he wants food or his bottle. For a long time he wouldn’t sleep more than an hour or two at a time, which made getting any sleep really hard. He now sleeps through most of the night. He screams and cries loudly. He does little of that in moderation. Lol.

As for me. I am still working at the same company doing the same thing as before. I am trying to calm my anti-religious rhetoric down, though I still push against creationism, and for equality of all people, which some would claim is anti-religious I guess. I am more and more the anarchist, crying foul over the corrupt political and capitalist systems that strangle the working class. Really I can’t think of much else to say about me.