Kirk Cameron’s and Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master Series

Here is a great series put out by a Christian that refutes the Kirk Cameron’s and Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master series. In the series, Cameron and Comfort try to prove Creationism, particularly Young Earth Creationism. The video series that follows points out a few of the lies that Cameron and Comfort tell.
There are 4 videos in all, and hopefully they flow one after the other automatically:

I have been long bothered by Young Earth Creationist, and it has revived as my special interest of the moment. It seems there is a revival of Young Earth Creationism going on. They of course now call it Intelligent Design, but it is still the same flawed views of the Bible and Science. It is the kind of views that caused Galileo Galilei to be put under house arrest by the Church for suggesting (and he was by no means the first) that the Sun was at the center of our solar system. The church believed, and the Bible indeed says, that the Earth doesn’t move and that the heavens, the sun and everything else, revolves around the Earth. Now of course nobody takes those verses literally today. Even Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Kent Hovind and the other big pushers of Young Earth Creationism wouldn’t suggest we take those verses literally. Yet, those verses are just as scientific as the ones giving the proverb (if it is even that) of creation. If they insist on standing by a literal interpretation of Genesis, than they have to stand by the literal interpretation of the Earth being at the center of the Universe. They of course won’t do that, they know they would be ignored even by fellow Christians. Hopefully in a very short time, the Evangelicals will catch up with the Catholic church, who oddly enough were the runs who put Galileo under house arrest for trying to prove the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe, in accepting the origins of the universe, origins of life and evolution (which, contrary to Creationist teachings has nothing to do with the first two)… okay, well, I know they accept evolution, not sure about the other two, still a good step compared to what the Evangelicals are doing now. Perhaps evangelical’s faith is so weak it can’t stand the pressure of Genesis not being literal, or perhaps they think God is too weak to overcome science… which would get back to a lack of faith.