Revisiting my Earlier Obama Post

I noted earlier a much reported rumor of Obama’s Drug Czar choice. Well, he either has changed his mind or it was indeed a rumor, or the guy was considered along with others and his name was the one that slipped out. It has now been confirmed by several sources that Obama has picked Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske to be his Drug Czar. Seattle voters passed a law to make marijuana enforcement police’s lowest priority, and while Kerlikowske was initially skeptical, the policy has worked out well. Washington is one of the many states to have compassion laws, and Kerlikowske didn’t try to undermine those laws. Advocates of compassion laws are cautiously optimistic that if he is approved by the Senate that he’ll keep going with Obama’s campaign promise of letting actual medical science prevail and stop wasting billions of federal dollars on raids of compassion clubs, grow ops and the like in states where it has been legalized.