The Carbon Dating Issue

I meant to put this up yesterday (February 12th), as it would have tied in a bit better, but better late than never, and the next date to tie it into wouldn’t be until November 24th.
I recall hearing in church, or reading stuff from church and the like about how a live seal would carbon date thousands of years old, among other examples this video talks about. The point they were trying to make was that the Earth couldn’t be as old as scientist say, or at least cast doubt on their measurement methods.
Well, this video goes into a bit on the actual science going on in fairly simple terms.
EDIT: Since from the comment below it may not be obvious, but the point of the video is to point how Creationist are wrong when they say carbon dating doesn’t work. I thought the video was self explanatory, but…

I may post more of this guys videos as time goes on.

3 thoughts on “The Carbon Dating Issue”

  1. You are an idiot. Do not listen to this bullshit. Stop going to church and take Biology 101.

  2. Umm… I think you need to re-watch the video. The video points to how the Creationism is wrong and evolution is correct, hence why he is debunking the Creationist claim that carbon dating doesn’t work.

  3. good stuff, Brian. you’ll have to forgive Adam, he was probably raised Christian and has a bit of a hair-trigger. anyway, thumbs up from me.

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