Obama’s First Broken Promise

The rumor mill is spun up, and it says that Obama’s choice for Drug Czar will be Republican Congressman James Ramstad. Ramstad, a former alcoholic, has voted against medical marijuana laws and needle exchange programs. He opposes eliminating the raciest sentence discrepancy between crack and powder cocaine, then again most drug laws were originally racially motivated, with some help from industries that would profit from making them illegal.
On the campaign trail, Obama promised that he would stop Federal raids of legal medical marijuana grow-ops, shops and the like in states that have made it legal. Unfortunately this may be his first broken promise. With a hard line drug czar at one spot, an Attorney General that believes in tougher drug laws, specifically marijuana laws, a White House Chief of Staff that thinks we should silence doctors on the truth of medical marijuana, and a vice-president that believes in mandatory minimums, it looks like Obama will not deliver change on the medical marijuana front, despite all the scientific evidence to support it, and the fact it would save the tax payers billions of dollars a year.
Of course it wasn’t for such a promise that I voted for him. If that was my primary concern, I would have stuck to the Libertarian Party choice. Still it is disappointing to hear that he is may break this promise. Hopefully this rumor, though going on for a couple months now, will not be true and he’ll make a real change on this policy and stop wasting billions of tax dollars and resources so that they can better be spent on fighting real crime.
Semi related, CNBC did a special about the business of marijuana in America. The show unfortunately doesn’t go into the many benefits of legalization, and continues to propagate a few long ago debunked myths, some outright factual errors and few other irritants to those have done their own research and became educated about the truth and don’t believe the government and media lies about drugs, but for a main stream media presentation, it is fairly good. My biggest pet peeve, beyond not covering the benefits of legalization, is that they don’t cover why it is illegal in the first place. I left the link during this edit, but I thought a better thing to show would be one that is more educational.
In it’s place I’ll show a History Channel special, Hooked – Illegal Drugs and How they Got that Way: Marijuana. It is broken down into 5 parts. It doesn’t cover a few important topics, such as why Nixon really started the War on Drugs (marijuana makes people passive and peaceful, not good if you want people to fight and kill).
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

I may post more in a bit…