Perhaps the Third Time Will be a Charm, Moving to Denver

I’ve lived in the Denver-Aurora-Boulder Combined Statistical Area twice so far. Once when I was a little kid, prior to first grade, and the second time when I was in 9th and 10th grade. We are now planning to move back there. While it fails the more sunshine and warmer requests of an area to move to, it does have a much better economy (well, who doesn’t have a better economy than North East Ohio?), more stuff to do locally or semi-locally, prettier, and certainly changes the game up. We’ll probably settle down in the Longmont area, thought this really depends on where I get a job at. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we move forward.
Vancouver, Phoenix, Davis and Wellington will stay on the list for a future move, however, we are 99% sure it will be Denver, and within a year.