Idiot Republicans

[Edited 28 October to add about rich cheating on their taxes more, and to remove a few commas and apostrophe s’s, which for some reason I did on nearly every occasion where it should have been just an s.]
We’re back online and I am finally able to post political stuff.
I saw Ruben Navarrette Jr’s Commentary: Liberals let loose on Palin and Joe the Plumber and it just amazes me how much an idiot the Republicans are being… and I am finding it harder and harder to believe that I used to be a devout Republican myself.
At one point Naverrette says, ” I also thought the Democratic Party was supposed to go to bat for the little guy, the everyday Joe the Plumber.
Tell that to Joe Wurzelbacher, the Ohio resident who got his 15 minutes — and 40 lashes — because he dared question Obama about his tax plan.”
First off, Joe the Plumber would have been a non-story if it wasn’t for McCain bringing him up at the debate. The media wouldn’t be hounding him and finding all kinds of things about him if McCain didn’t make an issue of Joe himself. So his so called 40 lashes, the media camping out on his door step isn’t Obama’s fault as McCain and Naverrette would have you believe, but McCain’s fault… and he didn’t dare ask Obama, he asked, and Obama answered at length. Next, if we went by Joe’s original claim, he wasn’t any “everyday Joe the Plumber.” Very few people, even plumbers, make $250,000 a year. People who think that those making $250,000 are everyday people are living in a world that doesn’t represent the true state of affairs in the US. No wonder why they think the fundamentals of the economy are strong. And it isn’t like Obama is proposing to raise their taxes, just get rid of the tax cut that Bush gave them to protect his rich friends… and it is only 2% or so anyhow. Sorry if I have no problem with the tax rate of somebody making $250,000 goes from 35 or 37%, and it goes to 37 or 39%. 2% at that level is nothing. Besides the fact that we now know he lied on nearly all his claims anyhow… not that will stop him from making a planned book deal, and possibly running for election as well himself.
Then with the stimulus package that Congress is considering. The Republicans want to give a tax break to people who are buying 2nd and 3rd homes, and they want to say they care about the everyday person? Sure, if you are the Republican’s idea of everyday Americans, Joe the Plumber, making $250,000 a year you can afford a 2nd home, but most Americans are struggling to pay their one home.
The Republican’s, during the bailout talks, refused the plans to allow people to file bankruptcy and restructure their primary home loan, wanting to keep protection for people’s 2nd and more homes. Now, I have to say, if you are filing bankruptcy you should be forced to loose all homes but your primary home, not get special protection by the Republicans to keep those extra homes. The idea of bankruptcy is that you are broke and can’t afford all your bills, so sell the other homes to help pay for the bills, don’t restructure and protect them.
(EDIT to add:) The rich hide more of their income than others. A recent study found that those actually making $500,000 to $1 Million, understate their income by 21%, compared to only 8% for those making $50,000 to $100,000 (still darn close to rich in my book, at least at six figures). Those earning less than $50,000 cheat even less. So it’s not as if those $250,000 will pay much more in taxes, they’ll just hide more.
Trickle down economics doesn’t work. The rich are just hording and not doing anything to help the economy. They are shipping jobs overseas and not hiring people here so they can keep more of the money they make themselves. Layoffs and unemployment are going through the roof. The middle class is going away with the gap between the lower and upper class growing at faster and faster rates. All this points to the fact that things don’t trickle down.
I don’t have too much a problem with Palin spending $150,000 on clothes. It wasn’t taxpayer money, and most of the people giving are likely in the $250,000 category anyhow… them and evangelicals who think the government’s job is to tell people how to think and live whom probably should loose everything as a lesson. It is kind of bad to spend that much and then try to claim you represent everyday people. If you want to represent everyday people, shop at Wal-Mart or Sears, not high end stores, the clothes are just as good, and since they are going to charity when the campaign is done there would have been that many more clothes given to the real, real people. On a positive note, turns out she didn’t try to ban any books at a library, she did ask about the process on the behalf of others (of course the correct political response when asked would be that book banning is wrong, violates the 1st Amendment and stuff along those lines then not ask), but she didn’t try to have the books banned herself.
Needless to say they the Republicans have lost touch with the real world. In their world, $250,000 is everyday people… that’s nearly $5,000 a week. A person making that would exceed what I make in just 4 weeks. Those are not real people, and they don’t care about real people.
I work for a company that will likely drop my insurance if McCain’s health plan went through, as has been predicted by US Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business and the Business Roundtable. We shopped insurance before, and our cost was going to be about $500 to $700 a month, depending on the plan. Now of course if my employer drops my insurance that is $200 more a month to me, but that still means I have to come up with $300 to $500 a month to pay for insurance, and that is when I can’t afford to pay my bills now. I am skipping gas one month to pay electric, skipping access to TV all together, eating nearly nothing but bread, skipping the mortgage payments from time to time, always behind on everything, and McCain wants me to pay $300 to $500 more a month out of pocket. Sure, I’ll get an extra $5,000 back with my tax return, but I still have to pay that money out all year before that, and if I am paying $700 a month for insurance, which is more likely, than I loose a ton of money, even after the tax credit. In short, I would have to skip insurance for myself, for my wife, for my kids under McCain’s plan.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not a believer in Universal Health Care, not without fixing things such as drug company profits. These companies make twice the profits that oil companies make, time to knock them down a few pegs. Fix prescription costs, make changes that make medical care cheaper for the people, then we can talk about Universal Health Care. Regardless we have to do something about the health care crisis in this country. Of the two’s plans, I prefer Obama’s… If it was between Clinton’s and McCain’s then I might have a different thought.
A far better health plan is the Healthy Americans Act, but neither candidate supports it… though Obama probably would be more willing to go for it than McCain. Actually, the HAA is a fairly good plan, and perhaps the best plan I have seen out there yet. A decent article on it can be found here. I am sure I’ll go into it in more detail in a later post.
I still think you should never vote for somebody just because you don’t want somebody else to win. I am not saying Republican’s have to vote for Obama, just not McCain. He is wrong for America. There is Ron Paul’s choice, Chuck Baldwin with the Constitution Party… who’s extreme stance on same-sex marriage (they oppose it) and abortion (they traditionally oppose it even in cases of rape, incest and sometimes even in the case of saving the mother’s life… I believe that all 3 are valid, as do most right to life people, of course there are signs the national chapter is moving away from that hard line stance, which caused some state chapters to break off) mean I can’t support him, sorry Dr. Paul. There is Cynthia McKinney, from the Green Party… I am not a fan of them, but if you lean to the Democrat side, that is perhaps your best choice. Then there is Bob Barr, with the Libertarian Party, whom I would say is the best of the third party choices. He was a hard line Bush supporter, but has since came out against those positions. He has privately recanted his position on banning Wicca in the military to some people in the Pagan community, not the same as putting it on his site or a full public apology, but a step in the right direction since the First Amendment clearly doesn’t allow for such a ban and the Libertarians are supposed to be about protecting the Constitution above all. There is also Nader, but like the Greens, I am not personally a fan. So if you too believe in not voting for Obama just to avoid a McCain win, then vote for Barr, otherwise vote for Obama, because the last thing this country needs is McCain. Nearly anybody but McCain.