Parent Teach Conference at Ari’s School

We had a parent/teacher conference at Ari’s pre-school the other day. The short of it is that Ari is brilliant, doing very well, fits the Montessori method, and is a delightful addition to the class.
He still needs work on going up and down stairs, mostly going up since going down takes longer anyhow. Specifically he needs to work on going up steps one foot at a time. As it is he brings both feet to the same step, then steps up to the next step. Now, this may be a part of his size since he is so small, so it isn’t a big concern.
The speech therapist talked to him informally. They don’t think his speech problems are anything to worry about and he’ll likely outgrow them, but they’ll watch to be sure.
He gets along well with the other kids and really enjoys watching the older students, like the Kindergarten kids, do their work.
He is really interested in the planets at the moment.
His concentration is greatly improving, and over the last few days he worked on sewing a pillow. We’ll try to get pictures of it and post them soon. I’ll post them to Flicr, and if I remember, I’ll update this post with a picture of it.
I am sure I am missing more, but it was a couple days ago and it’s early in the morning. I am sure Sara will remember more.