Wanting Their Cake and Eat it Too

I find it amusing that the Democrats, at least the big state ones, pushed to change the Federal elections from Electoral College to a pure Popular Vote, and yet for their primaries, they have Superdelegates to avoid having to end up with the popular vote, or as they say to balance it out. As I write this CNN is reporting that Clinton has 1,148 delegates, and Obama has 1,121, giving her a 27 delegate lead. However, if we look at the break down, it is Clinton with 924 delegates given to her by the people, Obama meanwhile has 986, meaning that Obama has a 62 delegate lead based on the popular vote, which they seemed to think was all that should count when Gore lost the electoral vote. Obama is expected to when the Patomic this Tuesday, taking VA, DC and MD. The next big contest after that is Ohio and Texas, both of which currently favor Clinton for some God forsaken reason, especially Ohio where Clinton holds a 2 to 1 lead over the far superior Obama. (Texas is showing Clinton with 48% and Obama with 38% last I saw, and given her lead with the Spanish community, this is to be expected, we’ll see how the final results end up.)
Anyhow, if the Democrats value the popular vote so much, then why don’t they dump the Superdelegates?