Totally, Dude! and the Emergency Room

Ari has started saying Totally and Dude occasionally. “That was totally neat! Dude.” That sort of thing, though normally not together in the same sentence.
Meanwhile we got back from the Emergency Room late Friday morning. Ari turned out to have upper repertory infection and possible early pneumonia. I ended up calling off work at 2:30am from the emergency room as it was clear I wasn’t going to be out in time. Turned out, even had we gotten out in time for me to get some sleep before turning around for work, my car didn’t work anyhow, so we were stuck there even later. Anyhow, we called Ari off school Wednesday and Thursday (turns out Friday was off for a teacher work day) as he had a fever and was just wouldn’t eat or drink enough, what little he ate or drank he through up. So to avoid another possible bad thing where he spends days in the hospital, we took him in after I got off work Thursday.
(As an aside, the car died on the way to work, I had stopped at a local craft store and wouldn’t restart. I then had to walk for 15 or 20 minutes in the cold to get to work. Sara’s brother came and picked me up, took me to work and we eventually got the car to start. We had a problem with popping the hood on my car as the handle broke off long ago and every time I had to get into the hood more and more of the end came off, to the point there is little to grab a hold of now. I probably should just pull it out and let it hang and grab it when needed from under the car, but I may go to the junk yard and pick up an old one and replace the cable… Luckily the car started to take him to the hospital, but not to go home. So Sara’s parents came and picked us up, and gave us a jump to get home. When we got home, we hooked the jumper cables up to the battery and let it charge for 20 minutes or so, but no luck. Friday, my sister came to take me to AutoZone and to see Ari. I dropped off the battery for recharge and walked the 1/2 mile to the store to pick it up and hour later, still not fully charged so they put it back on and I walk the store for 30 more minutes, but still no luck. So I left it overnight… we’ll find out when I walk there Saturday how it went…)
Anyhow. Ari seems to be much better today then Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully Saturday he’ll be much better. He doesn’t have school Monday so he has a little extra time to get better. Now as for what I’ll do for the missed work…