Ron Paul Currently in Third, Still Being Ignored

Ron Paul so far in the New Hampshire primaries is second. Two hamlets voted last night, McCain received 10 votes, Mike Huckabee 5, Ron Paul 4, Romney 3 and Rudy Giuliani 1. Of course the big news is that Obama crushed everyone on the Dem side with 16 votes, Clinton 3, John Edwards 3 and Bill Richardson 1. Still, the main stream media seems to focus on McCain, Hucakbee, Romney and of course Giuliani, the last two of which Ron Paul beat. They even talk about Thompson, who didn’t get any votes. I think they still don’t take Ron Paul seriously. I personally expect a 3rd place finish in the state overall, taking most of the independent voters who go Republican.
Meanwhile, Ron Paul got a positive mention on the Howard Stern show. Not an endorsement, but a positive mention. If he suggested to his viewers that they should vote for him in the primaries, I may forgive him for past wrongs. Still not the kind of thing I would listen to, but it would reverse my anger at him. 😉